5 cheesy Netflix Christmas movies you need to watch right no…

Netflix may have some really great movies, but most have made-for-TV quality at best, and the cheese factor is very high. All made-for-Netflix romances play out the same way, and many of these “Netflix originals” are so similar that they blend together.

It is not that Netflix is ​​unaware of this. If you type “cheesy movies” into Netflix’s search bar, the results will give you most of their holiday romance movies. From there, we narrowed the choices down to five lousy Netflix movies you should watch right now. All of these movies are extremely silly, but they’re also enjoyable in their own way. In other words, you will have fun with them.

Holidays (2020)

Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey in Holiday.

high concept of celebrate holidays It’s actually in the title. Sloane Benson (Emma Roberts) is tired of the dating scene and is afraid of being embarrassed by her family alone. That’s why she’s so receptive to Jackson (Luke Bracey) when he offers to date her only over the holidays. This allows Sloan’s family to be away from her, and she does not have to maintain a relationship with Jackson during the time between holidays.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Sloane’s romantic life is drama-free, especially when she and Jackson develop real feelings that conflict with their casual dating setup. Will they work on their issues by Christmas? You probably already know the answer to that question.

Watch celebrate holidays On Netflix.

A Christmas Prince (2017)

Rose McIver and Ben Lamb in A Christmas Prince.

a christmas prince Not to be confused with the night before christmas Or princess switch, two other Netflix holiday movies that could have easily been on this list. Rose McIver, star of Evil spirit On CBS, the film stars Amber Eve Moore, an aspiring reporter who accidentally finds herself undercover at the royal court of Aldovia. After being mistaken for Princess Emily Charlton’s (Honor Neefsee) tutor, Amber investigates reports that Prince Richard Bevan Charlton (Ben Lamb) is planning to abdicate the throne.

Amber expected Richard to be some pampered playboy, but she later discovered that he was everything a true prince should be. While rooting hard for Richard, Amber unexpectedly jeopardizes her claim to the throne, which could allow Richard’s scheming brother, Count Simon Duxbury (Theo Deveney), to steal the throne and ruin Christmas. We have to admit that if Simon could do this, it would be quite an achievement.

Watch a christmas prince On Netflix.

Ready for Christmas (2022)

A man and a woman looking at each other for Christmas.

fall for christmas This is the beginning of Lindsay Lohan’s comeback, at least in theory. The jury is still out on whether Lohan will ever return to the A-list. Regardless, Lohan’s performance as hotel heiress Sierra Belmont, a spoiled woman who has never had a real job in her life, is exactly as it should be here. After her boyfriend, Tad Fairchild (George Young) proposes to her on a mountaintop, Sierra takes a fatal fall and suffers amnesia. That’s the first bad part.

It only gets better when Sierra is taken in by Jake Russell (Chord Overstreet) and his young daughter, Evie (Olivia Perez). After choosing Sarah’s name until she regains her memory, Sierra learns to function and begins to fall in love with Jake while Tad gets lost in the woods. When Tad finally arrives in town, Sierra will be forced to choose between him and Jake. Sierra also has to figure out who she really wants to be.

Watch fall for christmas On Netflix.

Best. Christmas. Sometimes! (2023)

Jason Biggs and Heather Graham at their best.  Christmas.  Sometimes!

Best. Christmas. Sometimes! It’s the newest addition to this list, but its sheer charm will make it a contender for a spot here every Christmas from now on. The story follows Charlotte Sanders (Heather Graham), a frustrated housewife who is jealous of her friend Jackie Jennings (Brandy Norwood) because she has found the success and happiness that eluded her.

One Christmas, Heather’s son, Grant (Wyatt Hunt), takes his mother and father, Rob Sanders (Jason Biggs), to visit Jackie and her husband, Valentino (Matt Cedeno). When the Sanders family is snowed in and forced to stay put for an extended period of time, Heather takes the opportunity to try to prove that Jackie’s life is not as good as she pretends.

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Love Hard (2021)

Jimmy O in Love Hard.  Yang and Nina Dobrev.

tough love nobody is here die Hard, and it may be one of the few Christmas movies that prominently features catfishing as a plot point. There should be a cheesy award for that! Nina Dobrev plays Natalie Bauer, a romance columnist in Los Angeles who believes she has found her perfect partner across the country in Josh Lynn (Jimmy O. Yang).

Unfortunately Natalie doesn’t realize that she has been taken in by Josh until she surprises him with a visit at Christmas. But they don’t let a little cheating ruin their holiday season. Instead, they tell an even bigger lie as Natalie agrees to pretend to be Josh’s girlfriend in front of her family in exchange for Josh’s help in setting up Natalie with his attractive friend, Tag (Darren Barnett). Whose photo Josh stole for his date. profile.

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