5 movies like Napoleon you should watch right now

Joaquin Phoenix in Napoleon.
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This week, the ambitious new film from prolific director Ridley Scott, napoleon, is hitting theaters before coming to Apple TV+ at some point in the future. Like previous historical epics produced by Apple Studios, no stone is left unturned in depicting the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte (Joaquin Phoenix) from mere soldier to Emperor of France.

This is the kind of movie that’s sure to be an Oscar contender around next year. But if you are interested in watching other movies like napoleon From the comfort of your home, then you’re in luck. We didn’t even need to choose another movie about the life of Napoleon for our list. However, some of our favorites also take place in and around the same time period napoleonWhich also includes Scott’s directorial debut.

The Duelists (1977)

Harvey Keitel in The Duelists.
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napoleon It’s not Scott’s first exposure to that era of upheaval. Scott’s feature film directorial debut, Duelist, also occurred during the Napoleonic Wars in France. After Gabriel Feraud (Harvey Keitel) kills a prominent man in a duel, his superior sends Armand d’Hubert (Keith Carradine) to place Feraud under house arrest.

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Unfortunately for D’Hubert, Feraud is a bit of a lunatic who takes D’Hubert’s mission as a personal insult and challenges him to a duel. Their initial showdown is interrupted, and the confrontation is repeated several times over the next two decades until only one definitive winner emerges.

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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)

Russell Crowe leads the charge in Master and Commander,
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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Also takes place during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century. But in this case, the focus shifts from the French to the British, as Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) of HMS Surprise comes across a deadly French privateer ship, the Acheron, and barely escapes.

The damage done by Surprise proves extensive during the battle, but Aubrey refuses to abandon his mission to stop Acheron until he is forced to do so, when his closest friend Stephen Maturin (Paul Bettany) was seriously injured. But still, at least one more battle awaits the crew of the Surprise and their captain.

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Marie Antoinette (2006)

Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette.
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Napoleon does not appear in Sofia Coppola Marie AntoinetteBut this film could easily be called a prequel to Napoleon’s rise to power because the people of France were so fed up with the royal family that they revolted completely. Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst) really didn’t know what she was doing when she married King Louis XVI (asteroid cityJason Schwartzman), and had extreme difficulty convincing him to father an heir.

Mary causes a lot of chaos at the French royal court, while also trying to protect herself and her loved ones. However, she also earns a reputation for her love of the finer things in life and for ignoring the growing anger of the general population of France. This sets the stage for the French Revolution.

Watch Marie Antoinette on the cw.

Daku Raja (2018)

Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce, with whom he has followers in the Outlaw King.

If there is any similarity between Napoleon and bandit kingRobert Bruce (Chris Pine), such that the two men are forced to fight to regain the crown of their homeland. In Robert’s case, he finds it very difficult to deal with England’s new Prince Edward (Billy Hawley).

When Prince Edward declared Robert an outlaw, Robert declared himself King of Scotland and waged a war against the prince that proved bloody and deadly. But the future of Scotland itself depends on Robert’s victory, no matter what the cost.

Watch bandit king On Netflix.

Rob Roy (1995)

Liam Neeson in Rob Roy.

Although rob roy It has nothing to do with Napoleon or the Napoleonic Wars, it is also a portrait of a man who becomes a legend. Fifteen years ago he was kicking ass and taking names tookLiam Neeson played Rob Roy McGregor, a Scottish major who is robbed by Archibald Cunningham (Tim Roth) on the orders of James Graham (John Hurt), 4th Marquess of Montrose.

When Rob Roy refused Graham’s offer to testify falsely against another man, he was stripped of his lands and branded an outlaw. This proved to be a very serious mistake on Graham’s part, as Rob Roy attracted followers and launched a costly campaign against the Marquess of Montrose.

Watch rob roy On the freeway.

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