Where to get Ballistic Shields in Fortnite and how they work

You can always count on Epic to find new and exciting ways Fortnite Feeling refreshed after so many years. Chapter 5, Season 1 continues that trend with a variety of exciting items that greatly change the meta, including the Ballistic Shield, which may be the best personal defensive item added to the game so far. Here’s where to find them and how they work.

Where to get ballistic shields and how they work

Ballistic shields can be found on the ground or in chests throughout the map. Still, it’s a fairly rare item, so you may spend a match or two unnoticed unless you locate your enemies and take them out – which you’ll probably be doing anyway.

Ballistic Shield in Fortnite
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The Ballistic Shield may be one of the most powerful and notable new items of the new season, as it offers some significant defensive possibilities that can really come in handy during a firefight. By equipping and wearing it, you will gain a significant amount of protection for your body, while also giving you a pistol that you can use to shoot your enemies. While the shield can be temporarily disabled after taking enough hits, it absorbs a lot of bullets that might otherwise have hit you.

All this being said, good players can work around your shield in some circumstances, either by pelting you with explosive bursts or by shooting at your feet. Still, if you see one, we highly recommend you pick it up and keep it around for close encounters – especially if you’re low on health.

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