Fortnite Banana emote code: How to get the Nanner Ringer emo…

Chapter 5, Season 1 Fortnite A brand new map and tons of fresh content is in the works for players. While most of the new items can be earned or purchased in the game, Epic has created one special emote that requires you to enter a code on the Fortnite website, and that’s the Nanner Ringer emote. However, there is a catch: Only the first 25 million players to redeem the code will actually be able to claim the emote. After this, the code will expire, meaning there’s a high chance you’ll never get the opportunity to get it again, so make sure you act fast if you want to add it to your emote collection. Do it.


When you’re ready to claim Nanner Ringer quotes, follow these instructions.

  • open Fortnite Sign in to the website and your Epic Games account.
  • Choose profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • choose redeem From the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the code “bananananana” in the text box.
  • choose yellow redeem button To complete the redemption.
nanner wrestler quotes in fortnite
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Nainer Ringer after cashing in on the sentiment Fortnite website, it will now be linked to your Epic Games account and will be available to you Fortnite game the next time you load it. If you had the game open when you redeemed the code, you’ll likely need to log out and back in for it to show up and allow you to equip it.

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