Where to find planes in Fortnite OG

Fortnite The season is showering its millions of fans with nostalgia with OG, revisiting different points in the game’s history and giving everyone a chance to see just how far the game has come. In doing so, several areas, weapons, utility items, and vehicles from previous years have made a limited-time return, including the fan-favorite X-4 Stormwing aircraft. There are plenty of vehicles scattered around the map for you to find, so we’ll list each location for you so you can land near one whenever you want.

All aircraft spawn locations in Fortnite OG

A map of where to find planes on the fortnite og map.
Plane spawn locations via Fortnite.gg. Plane spawn locations via Fortnite.gg / Fortnite.gg

There are 16 spawn locations for planes on the current OG map, with a total of 21 planes available to pilot. Here’s a list of them all.

  • five planes can be found Within frosty flights,
  • two planes can meet Southeast of Frosty Flights,
  • A plane is on an island on the far south-western part of the snowy part of the map Under the frosty flights,
  • there is a plane North-east of Junk Junction Near the edge of the map.
  • One plane is just a little bit West of the Haunted Hillswhich also Northwest of Pleasant Park,
  • A plane is approximately at the center of the straight path Between Haunted Hills and Lazy Linkswhich also Northeast of Pleasant Park,
  • an airplane is a bit North-East of Risky Reels,
  • is on a plane Northeast part of Tomato Temple,
  • is on a plane Southeast part of Dusty Divot,
  • there is a plane East of Paradise Palms Just before reaching the grass.
  • there is a plane southwest of Paradise Palms Near the edge of the map.
  • there is a plane West of Lucky Landing Relatively close to the edge of the map.
  • there is a plane northwest of lethal areaswhatever happens southwest of Salty Springs,
  • a plane is straight North of Tilted Towers,
  • is on a plane Northeast part of Shifty Shaft,
  • there is a plane Northeast of Snowy Shoreswhich also Southeast of Pleasant Park,

Once you get the X-4 Stormwing aircraft, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. For starters, it can take your entire squad anywhere on the map, as long as you have the fuel to get there. Additionally, planes can be shot down by opponents on the ground, so be careful of bullets coming from below you, as there will be multiple people firing at you so you can be shot down faster than you think. In other words, fly safe!

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