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If There’s One Thing You Can Count On Every Season Fortnite, that is, there will be one or two exciting new crossovers to keep various fans excited. We’ve seen everything from Star Wars to Attack on Titan to Futurama, and Chapter 5, Season 1 is here to surprise us once again with a shocking combination. family GuyPeter Griffin. The beloved cartoon character appears in several roles, serving as a boss that can be defeated and a skin you can unlock in the battle pass. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the skin for yourself, as well as how to tackle the boss fight against everyone’s favorite furry oaf.

how to get peter griffin skin

The Peter Griffin skin can be unlocked in the Chapter 5, Season 1 Battle Pass, which can be purchased for 950 V-Bucks.

You’ll find Peter Griffin’s first skin on page 11 of the Battle Pass, so you’ll need to reach level 70 to unlock it. However, you can also get two alternative skins for the character by completing all 100 levels of the Battle Pass and proceeding to page 2 of the Bonus Rewards section. It’s also possible that additional Peter Griffin alternate skins will be added to these bonus rewards in the coming weeks as new skins are revealed for this additional layer of the Battle Pass.

Peter Griffin in Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass
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how to beat peter griffin boss

Peter griffin enemy in fortnite.
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Peter Griffin can be found at Snooty Steps. He is found in the large villa on the highest ground to the left of the point of interest.

Seeing as he’s a boss, it’s best that you come into the fight well prepared, so loot the surrounding area for at least one or two guns, lots of ammo, and a full shield. When you’re ready to face him, walk in and see him walking around wearing his golden suit, at which point he’ll also notice you and open fire.

Start the fight by targeting his big head and deal as much damage as possible while staying close to a pillar or wall, which you can use for cover if needed. He’ll attack you, so use this cover to reload and move back out while he’s doing the same for more damage opportunities. Be careful that he can throw some explosives at you, so don’t hesitate and get destroyed in the end. If you need to recover, find a safe spot and recover quickly, then resume your attack.

When Peter Griffin is defeated, you can loot him of his Mythic Hammer Pump Shotgun and a Boss Medal, which you can pick up to continually gain shields throughout the remainder of the match. You can also use the medal to open a nearby safe to find some chests and a weapon mod bench.

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