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Gargoyles Remastered is a faithful recreation of the surprisingly fun Sega Genesis game based on one of Disney’s deeply cult classic animated series. Developer Empty Clip Studio, who also worked on A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XVdid an excellent job in porting the original game while delivering an updated version with gorgeous art that fully realizes what the Genesis’ limited pixels and color palette could display in 1995.

Although this is a unique release in one of the busiest months of the year for games, it’s still worth a look for those interested in Disney’s long and turbulent history with video games. Gargoyles Remastered I’d like to see Disney do as many more ports, remasters, and remakes of its older games as it has done with its other media. There’s a vast library of classic games out there that are breaking free from their traps like stone gargoyles, demanding to be played again by a new generation.

don’t forget the past

While it may not be the same power play as before, Disney has a long history with video games. Its franchises have revolved around the gaming medium since the early days of the industry; games based on DuckTales, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, Aladdin, The Lion King, and all became classics in this era through collaborations with companies such as Capcom and Virgin Interactive. By the mid-1990s, Disney began to take control of self-publishing games and released Gargoyles In 1995 on the Sega Genesis under the Buena Vista Interactive label.

Based on the dark and captivating 1990s animated series of the same name, Gargoyles Follows Goliath on his quest to retrieve the dreaded Eye of Odin over 1000 years. It’s a weighty action platformer, as Goliath is bigger and stronger than your typical Italian or hedgehog platforming mascot. Even in 2023, storming a castle, breaching its walls, and attacking enemies with Goliath is still very satisfying. Still, it has some old-school difficulty spikes with tricky jumps and bosses that are hard to clear on the first try. Gargoyles Runs just under an hour but makes every second of it fun and worthwhile.

Goliath climbs a building in Gargoyles Remastered
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As a result, the Genesis game became a cult classic, but because it was not as famous as some of Disney’s other games of the era, it quickly fell by the wayside as Disney continued its ventures into the game industry. Things became more integrated under the Disney Interactive Studios moniker, and the company began acquiring studios and releasing games such as played/second In addition to those starring its classic characters, such as epic mickey,

In the early 2010s, Disney’s relationship with the gaming industry became more difficult. It has reportedly lost confidence in the traditional big-budget console gaming market, so the focus has shifted from great console titles to mobile games and toys-to-life. Disney Infinity, It shut down game developer LucasArts after it acquired Lucasfilm, and as it saw diminishing returns on its gaming efforts, it closed Disney Interactive Studios entirely by 2016.

Disney’s gaming output became scattered and sparse over the following years. While some like re-releases disney afternoon collection came out, much of its older library faded in relevance and availability. However, it appears that Disney has re-committed itself to re-licensing games as Disney Interactive in recent years, and this effort is beginning to come to a head this year with games like Tron: identity, Star Wars Jedi: Survivors, disney illusion islandand now Gargoyles Remastered,

We live again!

While I hope Disney continues to create or license new games based on its vast amount of IP, the older Disney games deserve careful treatment like Gargoyles. Gargoyles Remastered Hits all the right notes, making this Sega Genesis Classic easily accessible in 2023. It’s not too concerned with the game’s development history – so don’t expect something like that. karateka creation – but it gives the game a pleasant visual overhaul to look more like the show and adds difficulty options to make the experience more accessible or challenging for modern players. And if one only wants to play through the original, it is still included in its full glory.

A boss fight in Gargoyles Remastered.
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This remaster comes at a great time for the show it’s based on. a live-action Gargoyles The TV show was recently announced via The Hollywood Reporter, and this re-release could spark or renew interest in the franchise through the video game medium after seeing that news. Outside its cultural and commercial relevance, Gargoyles Remastered Survival is also important for video game preservation. From the early licensing days on the NES and PC to its 2016 shutdown, Disney introduced many games that meant a lot to many people. Unfortunately, many of those games are stuck on the platforms they were released for and are at risk of being forgotten and lost over time, whether they were good, bad, simple, or complex.

While Disney has been hesitant to fully commit to gaming in the same way as theme parks or television, we are in the midst of a boom for new Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars video games. I’m excited about what this means for the future, but I also hope that Disney will take the momentum of looking to the past as they have done. Gargoyles Remastered, These classic games should be preserved, remastered, and made easily available, just like Disney’s oldest movies and TV shows are on Disney+.

Gargoyles Remastered Now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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