This Gateway Chromebook can be yours for under $200 right no…

Gateway 15-inch Chromebook in black product image.

If you want to buy a laptop but aren’t ready to spend the hundreds of dollars required to get something good, an alternative option is a Chromebook device. When it comes to Chromebooks vs. laptops, the main thing to note is that ChromeOS is generally a lighter operating system than Windows, so it requires less powerful specs to get the same or similar experience. On the other hand, because it is a lightweight operating system, you cannot do as much work as you can on Windows, so some level of compromise has to be made. Still, if you like the idea of ​​a Chromebook, you can purchase this Gateway Chromebook from Walmart for just $192 instead of the regular $279.

Why should you buy the 15.6-inch Gateway Chromebook?

The Gateway Chromebook runs an Intel Pentium N6000 processor, which is an entry-level CPU, but still great for running ChromeOS, especially if you only care about basic productivity tasks and day-to-day use. You also get 4GB of RAM, which is on the lower end but not a dealbreaker, and the same applies to 128GB of storage. Chromebooks are built for streaming content, so unless you rely heavily on core specifications, you should really focus on things like the screen and keyboard.

Luckily, the screen is a large 15.6-inch panel that runs at HD resolution and has a 1MP webcam on top if you need to join an online meeting. The overall build isn’t too bad, and while there is a slight bend in places like the screen and keyboard, it’s not too noticeable and not something you’ll have any issues with. As far as battery life goes, you can expect around ten hours or more, which is pretty good for a laptop under $200.

Although the Gateway Chromebook isn’t going to win any awards, it’s a solid device that lets you get basic work done at a cheap price, especially with the Walmart deal bringing it down to $192. That said, if you want a better screen or something with a little more oomph, you should check out these Chromebook deals or consider one of these laptop deals instead.

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