How to get Hero Tokens in Spider-Man 2

Is there any doubt that Peter Parker and Miles Morales are the heroes of the hour spider man 2 takes place? As silly as it may sound, you’ll still need to prove your Hero status by earning money known as Hero Tokens. Like City Tokens, these are more conceptual items than actual tokens, but are still essential for higher-level upgrades and unlocks of some of your tools in the game. Still, not every heroic deed is considered worthy of earning you a Hero Token. If you want to know all the activities then collect as much as you can spider man 2We have narrowed your search.

how to get hero token

How to get Hero Tokens in Spider-Man 2.
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There are plenty of options for you to get Hero Tokens, but the most efficient is Mysterium. Also known as Mysterium Dev Diaries, these are unlocked after meeting Mysterio in the story and then they begin filling out the map. There are only 10 of these, and each of them involves time trials that rank you based on time. Earning gold will give you two hero tokens, while earning silver and bronze will give you only one token. As long as you are a skilled player and can get the gold medal in one or two attempts, this is the fastest way to get these tokens. For one, you obviously have to move fast here, but when you get gold, you also get rewards for the bottom two ranks, so if you can master that each Mysterium is really worth it. Worth four tokens.

The next two methods both relate to side search. Both The Flame and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (FNSM) request payment with two Hero Tokens for each one you complete. These can vary in length, but should not take you more than 15 minutes maximum.

Finally, some Hunter Bases reward you with Hero Tokens. What not all of them do is highlight them on the map in advance to see the rewards offered by specific bases. These are simple battles or secret challenges so it shouldn’t cause you too much trouble.

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