10 helpful Gmail tips and tricks everyone should know

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What makes Gmail the most popular email client is its wide range of customization. There are lots of ways to use Gmail, and plenty of underused tips that can make it a more enjoyable experience.

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite ways to manage your emails and give Gmail an extra boost in terms of organization.

Send and store in one step

Send and Archive settings in Gmail.
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Here’s a trick to save a lot of time. First, select gear icon choose more View all settings From the resulting drop-down menu. Below General tab, search send and store section, and check the box next to Show “Send and Archive” button in replies, Then go to the bottom of the page and select save Changes,

Following these steps adds a new button when you’re replying to an email. Selecting that button will allow you to send your response and automatically archive the email, thus removing it from your inbox. This is a boon for people who receive countless emails, and it keeps your inbox free of clutter.

enable and disable tabs

There are three tabs in Gmail – primary, SocialAnd Publicity – and organizes your emails for you automatically. But did you know that you can customize these tabs? If you want to do this, select gear icon In the upper-right corner, and in the menu that pops up, go to the section labeled inbox type, then choose customize, which is under the word default,

It allows you to add new tabs, such as Update And forums, or delete any tabs you don’t like or don’t want. This is an easy way to automate organization when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

See more with compact settings

when you select gear icon One of the first things you’ll see in the resulting drop-down menu, in the upper-right corner of Gmail, is the option to switch between default, comfortableAnd dense Ways of seeing. switching to dense This frees up a lot of space, so you can see more email information on each line.

This is a good setting if you want to maximize your efficiency and see as much information as possible at a single glance.

retract an unfortunate email

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Whenever you send an email in Gmail, you will see a yellow box saying that the email was sent. However, if you catch it fast enough, you can actually cancel the email while it’s in the process of being sent. This feature is called Undo Send. This feature will appear as an undo button in the sent message banner that pops up when you send an email. Select that button and your email will be converted back to a draft.

The Undo Send feature is available by default, but you can extend the time you have to cancel sending an email. Here’s how: Select gear icon Select More in the upper-right corner View all settings From the drop-down menu. go to undo send section under General Tab. Here, you can set a 5-, 10-, 20-, or 30-second cancellation period.

Save space with Drive

If you can’t fit a file into an email or don’t want to mess with attachments, use Google Drive instead. Each Compose window is equipped with a Drive icon, allowing you to quickly attach Drive files from your browser.

This is also useful if you need to share files that are not stored on the device you are using.

Hand over some of your emails

Gmail offers a service that allows you to set up a range of delegates. These representatives have the ability to read and respond to your emails, although they cannot chat or update your password. If you’re a busy professional and need an employee or team member to check in on the latest responses when you don’t have enough time, setting up delegations is useful.

Use Schedule Send for your emails

Selecting a date and time using the Schedule Send feature in Gmail.
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Do you need to send an email to someone at a specific time in the future? You can do this with Gmail’s scheduled send feature. Basically, this feature allows you to compose an email and then choose a time and date in the future to actually send it by Gmail. This can be helpful in situations such as when you work with people in a different time zone than you or if you feel the need to send a message to someone quickly, but you want to respect the recipient’s vacation hours. .

It is really easy to use. When you’ve written your email and are ready to send it instead of just selecting Sendyou will choose one down arrow icon Next to it. option of send schedule Will appear immediately. Select this. then in small send schedule In the window that appears, simply select the date and time you want to send the email. Once scheduled, your email will be sent on the date and time you selected.

Use Gmail’s Unsubscribe Button

If you get a lot of promotional emails from stores and other companies, and you want to reduce their clutter in your Gmail inbox, this advice is for you. For a lot of these emails, Gmail offers its cancel membership Button that, when selected, instructs Gmail to unsubscribe you from that company’s mailing list on your behalf. Sometimes Gmail will automatically unsubscribe you from the mailing list and sometimes it may direct you to a website where you can complete the process yourself. But either way, you won’t get any of these emails.

You can usually find Gmail cancel membership The button appears as a small, gray link to the right of the sender’s email address in an open email.

Try Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

Using keyboard shortcuts can be a more convenient way to navigate and use your PC, and the same can be true for Gmail. That’s right, for a variety of Gmail tasks, you’re not limited to just looking for icons and selecting them to get the job done. If you enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, you can do things like press a key to immediately start replying to an email.

If you want to learn how to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail and how to use some of them, check out our guide on how to use Gmail shortcuts.

Organize your emails better with the Labels feature

You can create your own folders to organize your emails. In Gmail, this is done with the Labels feature. When you create a label in Gmail, you can move the email out of your inbox and into the label folder you created. Labels you create and labels that come with Gmail standard can be found in the left column of your inbox. Simply click on a label to open its folder and view the emails you (or Gmail) have added to it.

You can learn how to use the Labels feature by checking out our guide on how to create folders in Gmail.

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