Google Nest Hub is still 50% off following Black Friday

Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen
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If you wanted to pick up the second-generation Google Nest Hub for cheaper than usual, but you missed some shopping during Black Friday, don’t worry because 50% off the smart display is still available from Walmart Black Friday deals. , Instead of $100, you’ll only have to pay $50 for a smart home device, allowing you to buy more of them for different rooms in your home. Like all the rest of Black Friday deals, the $50 savings could disappear at any time, so if you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer, you shouldn’t hesitate with your purchase.

Why should you buy the Google Nest Hub?

The second-generation Google Nest Hub is a smart display powered by the Google Assistant, which will give you voice commands for tasks like finding information, setting alarms, and bringing up tutorials. Its 7-inch touchscreen is bright and colorful, and you can use it to control your other smart home devices. However, the second generation Google Nest Hub is not equipped with a camera. If you want your smart display to come with a camera for video call capabilities, and if you want a larger screen, you can opt for the Google Nest Hub Max with a 10-inch display, which is also available at Walmart Is on sale.

That’s a $79 discount from its original price of $229.

Between the second-generation Google Nest Hub and the first-generation Google Nest Hub, you’ll want to choose the latest model for its third far-field microphone for better wake word sensitivity in noisy environments, better bass quality, an upgraded CPU, and more. Faster processing, gesture control via the Soli radar chip, and the sleep sensing feature help you get more restful nights by tracking your sleep habits and patterns.

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If you’re looking to build out your smart home setup, you still have time to shop Nest Black Friday deals, including Walmart’s offer for the second-generation Google Nest Hub. It’s down from $100 to $50 more affordable, for a savings of $50 for each smart display you buy. However, it’s not going to stay this cheap for much longer, as it could just be a mistake that this offer is still online. We’re also not sure whether you’ll get a chance to get the same bargain on Cyber ​​Monday, so it’s highly recommended that you complete the transaction as soon as possible.

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