Best Buy Black Friday deal knocks $100 off the Google Pixel …

Google Pixel tablet on its charging dock.
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While Apple’s iPads rank supreme when anyone thinks about getting a tablet, there are plenty of other great options if you don’t want to stick to the Apple ecosystem. For example, if you want something in the Google ecosystem, the Pixel tablet is an option, and there are some great Black Friday deals on it too. This product from Best Buy has a Pixel tablet and charging speaker dock for just $400, instead of the $500 you’d regularly pay. Plus, you can get up to $325 worth of trade-in value to help bring it down even further.

Why should you buy a Google Pixel tablet with a charging speaker dock?

Google’s Pixel tablet is in a tough spot, it’s not the first official Pixel tablet, but it also tries a lot of new things, making it kind of the first normal Google tablet, although not quite, which is to say. There are both good and bad. Bad things. While the display is a good-sized 11 inches, runs at an excellent 2560 x 1600 resolution, and can reach an impressive 500 nits of brightness, it only has a 60Hz refresh rate, which isn’t noticeable on a smaller screen like a phone. But it’s more noticeable on a tablet this size, making lots of apps and browsing feel a bit cluttered.

Another issue is the speakers, and more specifically, the fact that they are placed in a place where you put your hands to hold it, which makes the sound a bit muffled. You can hold it upside down so you can’t cover them, but that’s only half the solution. Luckily, you do get a charging dock, which has a much better speaker overall, so it’s not that bad if you’re sitting somewhere looking at it and the dock is close to you. Luckily, the Pixel tablet has good performance as it comes with a Tensor G2 chipset under the hood, which is the same chip used in the Pixel 7 lineup.

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The Pixel Tablet definitely has some issues, but as a tablet in the Google ecosystem, it’s not too bad, especially with Best Buy’s deal knocking it down to $400. Still, there are some other great Best Buy Black Friday deals you can take advantage of, like this deal on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE, which is identical to the Tab S9 FE Plus version. It’s only a little smaller at 10.9-inches, but it’s a better tablet overall and is well suited for


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