There might be something wrong with the Google Pixel Watch 2

A person wearing a Google Pixel Watch 2.
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Google has introduced an updated charging system on the Google Pixel Watch 2 that charges the battery at a faster rate. It is safer than the previous charger and does not get as hot. For the most part, it’s a good upgrade.

But it seems that some smartwatch users are facing charging issues. Many users are reporting that the supplied charging kit will not fill the battery of the 2nd generation Pixel Watch.

What’s wrong with Pixel Watch 2?

Sensors of Google Pixel Watch 2.
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in detail reddit Post, an affected Reddit user reported how two official Google chargers failed them, while the Pixel Watch 2 worked with some third-party chargers. Another user mentioned Post Even non-official charging bricks won’t work, and their Pixel Watch 2 is basically a dead wearable.

From the updates and responses under the original post, it seems the supplied charger may be at fault, but mixed results with third-party bricks suggest there may be some issue with the watch itself. Now, this is not a widespread problem, so it’s entirely plausible that complaints are limited to a handful of defective units.

there are also reports passive aggressive power outage on the Pixel Watch 2, but these issues are often addressed through software-side optimizations delivered via corrective updates. Notably, it appears that users of the original Pixel Watch also encountered similar charging issues, as reported in Google Community Forum thread,

How to fix Pixel Watch 2 charging issues

The charging puck of the Google Pixel Watch 2.
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Google is clearly aware of charging issues, as it has a dedicated support page It’s titled “Fix Google Pixel Watch Not Charging.” If you have a Pixel Watch 2 that won’t charge, here’s what Google suggests:

  1. Leave the watch on the charging dock for 10 minutes.
  2. Wait until you see a white charging icon shaped like a lightning bolt on the screen.
  3. Once you see the icon, wait for 35 seconds and then press the Digital Crown. Doing this should display the battery level.
  4. After viewing the battery percentage, wait for seven minutes until the colored “G” icon appears on the screen. This indicates a successful software boot and uninterrupted charging.

Google also suggests that you try disabling the Battery Defender feature, which is meant to prevent the battery from reaching 100% charge state. This is a device to avoid chemical degradation caused by the battery completing repeated charging-discharging cycles. Simply put, doing this makes the battery last longer.

The main Workout screen on the Google Pixel Watch 2.
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Now, it’s worth keeping in mind that Google doesn’t offer much help when it comes to fixing Pixel Watch problems, especially those that arise at the hardware level. The only option is to request a replacement, a process detailed separately support page,

However, negotiating with official support channels has historically been a mixed bag for Pixel buyers. has reached out to Google for more clarity on the Pixel Watch 2 charging issues and we’ll update this story once we hear back.

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