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it’s almost time. After over a decade of waiting, we’ll finally get our first look at the next Grand Theft Auto game sometime this December. When it comes to, grand theft auto 6 No matter what Rockstar Games shows, the reveal will be one of the biggest video game industry announcements of the year. Despite this, there are some special things which gta 6 The reveal trailer is all we need to tell it to live up to its hype.

Although Rockstar has said little about the project before now, gta 6 This may be one of the most anticipated games of all time, and it’s following one of the most successful individual video games of all time. There has been speculation for years over where the game will be set, what it will be about, and what innovations it will bring to the medium. I know this because I myself have played a role in this propaganda cycle – and this article is just adding to it.

Because the cycle of anticipation, hype and rumor around the game is so intense, the first trailer gta 6 There needs to be enough. In particular, I’ll be focusing on three specific elements whenever the long-awaited trailer is released.

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Tommy from Vice City on the bike.
Rockstar Games

Since almost right after gta v After its release, it seemed inevitable that the next game in the series would return to Vice City. Leaks from last year indicate this is the case, but official confirmation of the primary setting is something the trailer needs to establish. Even better, it should not only confirm the city it takes place in, but also give us a deeper look at Vice City and its modern take on neon-lit, dirty vibes.

Some less credible rumors have also emerged gta 6 This will be in more areas than just Vice City, so if this is true, it would be nice to get confirmation about that as well. The trailer will need to set the tone and vibe for Rockstar Games’ next title, and introduce the game’s city and highlight how the people within it live and interact with each other, This is one way to do it.


Another big rumor about gta 6, what was excited about the 2022 leak is that the game will again include multiple heroes. It seems that instead of three men, the game will follow a Bonnie and Clyde-like man and woman on their criminal enterprise. While I doubt this reveal will reveal much about the story, I’m hopeful that I’ll get a sense of who at least one of these characters is.

Whether that’s through narration, by showing cutscenes of the game, or with a unique cinematic created just for this reveal, GTA 6’s The first trailer should carry some enough narrative weight to help fans understand which leaks were accurate, set expectations more clearly, and even get things started discussing and theorizing before the game’s release. Give something more concrete to.

In-engine gameplay

Trevor firing an assault rifle in GTA 5.
Rock Star

my last hope for GTA 6’s The first trailer is that it features in-engine game footage. Too often in the games industry, reveal trailers are little more than reveal logos with descriptions or stylish cinematic clips that don’t actually tell the audience much about the game they’re meant to promote. we’ve waited too long gta 6 It would be a complete disappointment if its reveal trailer was just that. Also, I think it’s about time we all got to see some of the game after such a long wait.

Right now, the only frame of reference for the game for most people is leaked gameplay from an in-development build, so this reveal will help set more accurate expectations for what will happen. gta 6 It’ll look and play the same when it finally comes out. Of course, there will be plenty of trailers between this upcoming reveal and the game’s release that could do this as well, but I want to finally get a true taste of it. gta 6 This is from its reveal trailer as we know almost nothing about it officially other than material obtained from an illegal hack of Rockstar.

Rockstar has done this before

All of this might seem demanding for the game’s first trailer, especially when it comes to a title like this gta 6 There will definitely be a massive marketing campaign ahead of its release. However, Rockstar Games has done this before. I looked again GTA 5’s The first trailer since Rockstar’s announcement last week, and it’s still one of the best game reveal trailers I’ve seen. most of the original elements that formed GTA 5’s The great thrill of the single-player mode is in that teaser.

grand theft auto v trailer

It is narrated by Michael, with Ned Luke giving an early glimpse of his extraordinary performance while establishing some of the main themes of the game’s story. It may sound cliché, but the real star of the trailer is Los Santos, as most of the trailer is spent showing off different parts of the city and the people who live within it. after seeing gta v First trailer, it’s easy to understand gta v The tone, the cheesy faux-Los Angeles setting, and the troubled individuals being the center of it all.

What’s shown in the trailer looks close to what players got in the full release, so it doesn’t match up with the smoke and mirrors style that may have been quite common in that era. If gta 5, One of the best games of all time may do just that in its reveal trailer gta 6 it should happen. And if nothing else, a trailer based on my three key points would be gratifying after years of exhausting speculation and leaks of varying degrees of credibility.

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