First Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer takes players back to Vice …

Rockstar Games has finally released the first trailer for the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series, officially titled grand theft auto vi, It is set to launch in 2025 and will take players back to Vice City.

Watch Trailer 1: Tuesday, December 5, 9am ET

The trailer, lasting a little over 90 seconds, begins with one of the main characters, Lucia, saying she is in prison due to “bad luck.” We will then be able to see Vice City, the surrounding areas and the people within it. The trailer clearly establishes that this is a city where people live in abundance and love to party – and clearly, that sometimes turns into criminal activity. It becomes more intense as the trailer progresses, as we see Lucia and her partner on the run from the police and robbing a store.

It’s good to finally see clearly gta 6 In action after so many years of rumors and leaks. What we saw matches those rumors and looks even better than leaks about the game coming out in September 2022. However, Rockstar still couldn’t avoid a major leak with this reveal, as it posted the trailer shortly after it was leaked. On X (formerly Twitter).

Lucia and her partner rob a store in GTA 6.
Rockstar Games

there’s a lot about it gta 6 We don’t know this, but Rockstar has plenty of time to reveal it. The end of the trailer confirms that it’s coming sometime in 2025, which means there’s less than two years to go until the next Grand Theft Auto game launches. If not, it’s bound to be one of the biggest video game releases ever, and I’m guessing this strong reveal will only increase the hype further.

grand theft auto vi Will launch sometime in 2025.

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