I’m glad GTA 6 isn’t coming to PC right away

Grand Theft Auto 5 art shows a man escaping in a boat with stolen money.
Rockstar Games

It appears like that grand theft auto 6 will not come On PC when it releases in 2025. Developer Rockstar hasn’t confirmed this, but a press release accompanying the trailer states that the game will release on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, with no mention of PC.

Not surprisingly, there is outrage. PCGamer says there is “no technical reason” for GTA 6 not to be on PC at launch, while TechRadar’s Matt Hanson says the lack of a PC release has confirmed their “worst fears”. Those are also just comments among professional journalists. God help you if you’re drowning in the flood of Reddit and NeoGaf threads.

However, there is a technical reason why GTA 6 probably won’t be coming to PC at launch. And with all the fuss going on at the moment, this is probably the best decision if you want to enjoy the game properly.

Be careful what you wish for

Lucia and her partner rob a store in GTA 6.
Rockstar Games

I can’t miss the irony that PC gamers are increasingly demanding a PC version in a year that has seen the worst PC release ever. The idea behind a triple-platform release when GTA 6 arrives in 2025 is that the PS5 and Xbox Series They’re both built on AMD APUs, so it should be fairly simple for Rockstar to release the game on all platforms at the same time.

This is a problematic idea. First of all, consoles are not PCs. They can use PC hardware, and the Xbox Series They are closed platforms with a set hardware configuration, which is the exact opposite of what a PC provides.

Rockstar can run the game well with that particular configuration, but how does it work with different versions of Windows? GTA 6 may be able to utilize the eight Zen 2 CPU cores in the PS5 and Xbox Series What about Intel CPUs and Nvidia GPUs, which most gaming PCs include? Those are three questions, and we haven’t even gotten to the fuss about dedicated decompression hardware or drivers on consoles.

Xbox Series XI/O system.

Given that all three platforms use x86 architecture, yes, Rockstar could release GTA 6 on PC alongside consoles with minimal rework. That doesn’t mean it will be any good. There may be a backlash now, but imagine what it would look like if Rockstar released a technical glitch of the game on PC so it could appear alongside consoles.

There are other reasons why Rockstar might delay the PC release. There may be some truth to the accusations of double degradation on eager players, and some speculation that Rockstar wants to avoid crashes. Those explanations may still be true, but they’re not a big enough reason to overcome the technological elephant that is releasing games on PC.

always console first

A cowboy on horseback in Red Dead Redemption 2.
Rockstar Games

I’m not sure why the lack of a PC release at launch is a surprise to anyone. Rockstar Games has always been focused on consoles. Both Grand Theft Auto 5 And red dead redemption 2 Released on consoles first, and Rockstar doesn’t have a great track record with PC releases for its older titles.

It has always been a console-first franchise. it took almost a year Grand Theft Auto San Andreas to come to PC, and for about six months Grand Theft Auto 4 To show on stage. The only game that is released simultaneously for all platforms Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy In 2021, there was a widely criticized technical glitch.

I would understand the outcry if Rockstar usually released their games on PC alongside consoles, but that never happened.

I’m looking forward to playing GTA 6 like everyone else, and as a PC gamer, I’m disappointed that I have to wait to play it on my main platform. This doesn’t mean that Rockstar is delaying the PC port for no reason. If the game doesn’t come to PC at the time of release, hopefully this will give the title more time to ripen so that it doesn’t come to PC half-baked.

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