Hearst’s unexpected video game acquisition is great news for…

Earlier this autumn, I stink The game emerged as the most worthy competitor to date in The New York Times’ gaming efforts, serving as a hub for a variety of engaging puzzles that people can complete on a daily basis. following the same trajectory Wordle, I stink Recently it was unexpectedly acquired by another notable media company: Hearst.

Pazmo is a puzzle game website based on physical newspaper pages. It’s a daily hub where players can play original games by acclaimed developer Zach Gage, including original spins on classics like chess and its own daily crossword. It seemed like a true answer for The New York Times, and Hearst appears to have seen the value in that.

A look at the daily Pazmo page.
I stink

Hearst owns local media outlets throughout the United States, such as the San Francisco Chronicle and the Houston Chronicle, and includes I stink The brands it owns include “more than 50”. A representative for the company explained to that this primarily comes through implementing it in the online editions of outlets like the San Francisco Chronicle. Hearst also sees I stink As a platform for creating puzzle games, so it’s really giving sites no-code tools that they can use to customize I stink For their outlet.

Hearst plans to license I stink For other media publishers – like Digg, Postmedia, The Skimm, and Vox – to create their own versions of Pazmo for their sites. Hearst also teased that it is collaborating with The Weather Channel to integrate its data I stink Platform so that it can be used by people creating new games and features on the platform.

while ownership I stink Changing hands, the platform’s creators, Orta Theroux and Zack Gage, remain on board to “lead game development and technology for the platform”. For whether or not there are versions of I stink will appear in print, a Hearst representative told that’s not the team’s focus right now.

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