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Nova Labs, the company that pioneered the “people-powered” Helium network, has announced a wallet-friendly new plan under its Helium Mobile brand that offers unlimited data, talk, and text for just $20/month .

The no-contract plan offers nationwide 5G access primarily through its own Helium Mobile network which is backed by T-Mobile – the “largest 5G network in the country.” This allows carriers to provide full 5G coverage at much more affordable prices than traditional carriers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

Additionally, Helium Mobile sticks to a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy that gives customers the freedom to use any compatible phone of their choice and reduces the overhead involved in contracts and phone financing.

“Traditional carriers think they have more than a barrel of Americans. At Helium Mobile, we believe that cell phones are an essential service and that unlimited data, text and call tables are at stake,” Amir Halim, CEO of Nova Labs, Helium’s parent company, said in today’s press release. “We’re tired of those carriers. “Who hide high subscription rates, roaming and extra data charges behind free phone upgrades that lock you into expensive plans for years. Americans deserve better.”

How does helium mobile work

The Helium Mobile Outdoor Hotspot is mounted on a wall outside an apartment balcony.
helium mobile

Nova Labs initially created the Helium Network as an effectively crowd-sourced project, relying on mobile Helium hotspots to create a decentralized wireless (DWI) network that leverages those people’s existing Internet connections. The raise was based on the number of people willing to purchase and carry a hotspot, which Helium Mobile says allows it to “advance the community’s vision of democratizing access to the Internet.”

To fuel the growth of the Helium network by incentivizing people to deploy Helium hotspots, Nova Labs relied on the power of cryptocurrency to reward hotspot owners for participating. This approach was appreciated the new York Times For his unique way of leveraging crypto last year; However, the mobile operator has since moved towards a more traditional rewards system that can be applied to customers’ phone bills.

Map of Helium network coverage in 2022.
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As widespread as the Helium network has become, it has not reached the point where Helium Mobile can provide ubiquitous coverage, so it is also in an MVNO arrangement with T-Mobile to provide 5G service if there is no Helium network hotspot nearby. has been entered. This not only expands coverage but also enhances network performance by harnessing T-Mobile’s fast and wide 5G network for additional capacity. The company calls it “dynamic coverage.”

Helium Mobile’s “Unlimited” service comes with the usual disclaimer: data speeds may be reduced after 30GB of usage per monthly billing cycle. Tethering is also limited to 5GB per month. The company doesn’t say how much the speeds will be slowed down, but it’s enough to maintain basic connectivity for email, messaging and casual web surfing, similar to other carriers.

Helium Mobile Outdoor Hotspot Banner.
helium mobile

While we imagine most people will be primarily interested in Helium Mobile’s unlimited plans, the company’s Network Builder program allows you to become part of a “people-powered” network by operating your own Helium Mobile hotspot. In addition to receiving rewards, which can also add free cellular service, you get the opportunity to build a network that is “run by customers, not carriers.” Helium Mobile compares it to Airbnb and Uber, saying it helps “reduce monopoly and let customers become owners”, improving service and reducing costs.

Helium also hopes it can make dead zones a thing of the past because one can invest in a hotspot and place it where it is needed most, creating a “mini cell” to cover those areas. tower” which may not be a priority for larger carriers. The company offers two versions of its hotspot initially at an even lower price than at launch; The Outdoor Helium Mobile Hotspot retails for $499, while the Indoor Helium Mobile Hotspot can be purchased for $249.

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