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Hellboy points a gun at the camera in Hellboy: Web of Wired.
Good Shepherd Entertainment

There’s no shortage of new games to play this October, as series like Super Mario Bros., Marvel’s Spider-Man, Forza Motorsport, Assassin’s Creed, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Alan Wake are getting new entries. However, if you can spare some time from all that, you’ll have a great time playing with the style Wired’s Hellboy Web,

Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, a popular demonic comic book character who has starred in several movies and even a few games, finally has a solid video game thanks to Upstream Arcade and Good Shepherd Entertainment. It’s a relatively simple action roguelite, but it has some of the best scenes of the year that look like they were taken straight out of a comic book. Whether you’re a fan of Hellboy or just want a stylish palate cleanser between all the big AAA main courses arriving this month, Wired’s Hellboy Web Worth a try.

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In Wired’s Hellboy Web, the titular character works with the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) to investigate supernatural energy spikes. During that mission, he stumbles upon a place called the Butterfly House and finds a gateway to the Wired. Once Hellboy enters the Wired to save another BPRD member, he is labeled a “hero” by those who live there and is introduced to many of that dimension while learning more about the Butterfly House and its creator. One has to fight the creatures.

It’s a supernatural, but not scary story that accommodates the Hellboy mythos well without disrupting it too much. However, what makes it fit in with that comic world is the game’s visual style. While I wish the cutscenes had borrowed some of the more dynamic tricks of the comics, the gameplay offers one of the slickest and most faithful comic book video games you’re likely to see. The most impressive thing about west of the deadUpstream Arcade’s previous game, it had a cel-shaded art style, and it only gets better Wired’s Hellboy Web, because the game looks exactly like the comic books that inspired it. Hellboy’s bright red coloration is reflected in the dark and beige Butterfly House and the generally darker locations he explores in Wired. Anything Hellboy hits or throws visually pops and runs to increase its impact wired network It really feels like you are playing through the comic.

Hellboy punches an enemy in Hellboy: Web of Wired.
Good Shepherd Entertainment

If you’ve always enjoyed Mignola’s art in the Hellboy comics or like games that sacrifice realism for a beautiful art style, you’ll want to check this out. Wired’s Hellboy Web in the process. Upstream prioritizes arcade gameplay as well as style, which is simple, but satisfying. It’s a cliché to say that a superhero game makes you feel Like a superhero at this point, but Wired’s Hellboy Web The gameplay is designed to directly reflect the fact that Hellboy is a strong and durable creature that can deal more damage than it takes.

hellboy and the most powerful enemy wired network There are not only health bars, but also toughness bars. No one takes any permanent damage until that toughness bar is completely depleted, so it’s a race to see who can stun the other by knocking their bar down first. This means that the basic cycle of combat is to lock on to an enemy, hit them with weak and strong attacks as part of a four-hit combo, and then respond when the enemy tries to attack by dodging or blocking. It happens. The design seems a bit like Soul at first, but it stands out because the system rewards blocking.

Hellboy fights an enemy in Hellboy: Web of Wired.
Good Shepherd Entertainment

Although some attacks must be avoided, it is often better for Hellboy to hold his ground and block attacks harshly. It is also possible to parry if you press the block button at the right time. This adds to Hellboy’s payback meter, which can be spent to execute attacks that deal massive damage. Layer in upgrades, run-specific power-ups, charms, environmental interactions that can damage enemies, and alternate weapons like pistols that can be used to extend combos, and when the run is going well. So Hellboy can feel invincible.

This is not the most complex action game; My basic block, parry, then attack strategy also saved me from many of the game’s boss fights, most of which took no damage. The lack of a map also sometimes makes exploration confusing between combat encounters. Still, when Wired’s Hellboy Web It’s fluid action throughout an intense battle makes it one of the most beautiful comic book video games ever made. October 2023 has been full of all kinds of AAA game launches, and if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the games this month has to offer you some relaxation and basic, but great game play. Wired’s Hellboy Web An excellent option.

Wired’s Hellboy Web Available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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