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It’s Halloween season, and fans are looking for the best horror movies on Netflix. While there are some great horror movies on Netflix, like Go, we wanted to narrow things down to the scariest movie on Netflix. Our choice is a little known film named his houseFrom first-time director Remi Weekes.

Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku star as Bol and Riyal, a married couple who have escaped the war in their native Sudan to seek refuge in the U.K. Unfortunately, the couple’s new life is not everything they expected, And some evil has come after them. at their house. It’s a horror experience that feels like a breath of fresh air for the genre. This is not a typical horror film, and some of its horrors are quite real.

If you need more convincing, here are three reasons his house The scariest movie on Netflix right now.

It gives a new twist to the haunted house story

Soap dirisu in your house.
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Typical haunted house stories are about large mansions or manors, with lots of rooms for ghosts and spirits to inhabit. In contrast, in this film, Bol and Riyal are not living in luxury at all. As refugees, they are housed in an extremely dilapidated house that looks as if it is collapsing. In such small confines, there’s really no place to escape when the couple’s supernatural haunting begins.

When Bol becomes convinced that an apheth (an evil spirit or witch of the night) is living in the walls, he begins to tear down the walls. It also highlights how little space they have to work with, as well as their desperate need to get Apeth out of their lives.

Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu give mesmerizing performances

Wunmi Mosaku in his home.
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Ghosts are only part of the story. The performances from Dirisu and Mosaku are so good that it could have been a great drama even without the supernatural touch. From the beginning, the couple understood that their situation as refugees was the most vulnerable. Even his caseworker, Mark (am a doctorMatt Smith seems to have a barely concealed disdain for him.

In response, Bol makes every effort to fit in to his new country and assimilate into their new culture. Riyal, on the other hand, refuses to change her appearance or abandon her customs. She also holds tightly to the necklace of her daughter, Nyagak (Malaika Abigaba), who died on their dangerous journey. The relationship between the couple is strained to the breaking point due to the horrors and the deep secret they share about their survival. Those moments of real drama do a lot to heighten the fear around them.

horrors of war

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Late in the movie, his house There is an extended sequence in Sudan that explains what Bol and Rial actually did to survive, and how they earned Apeth’s wrath. The bloodshed and violence that this couple went through is perhaps even more horrifying than the horrors of the present. This also helps the audience understand why Bol and Riyal committed their crime of escaping. But the film doesn’t forgive his actions either.

The battle scenes are some of the most impressive parts of the film, and may be where the majority of the budget was spent. his house It was a big change by entering territory where few horror films had been made before. This may be the biggest reason why this film becomes a cult favorite when it is discovered by a wider audience.

Watch his house On Netflix.

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