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Original hollow knight First released in 2017 and it was immediately recognized as one of the most influential entries in the Metroidvania genre, indie or not. The immaculately hand-drawn art style made even the drab insect-filled world known as Hollownest a truly captivating place to visit. Strict platforming controls, light soul-like elements, combined with satisfying upgrades and intriguing story, hollow knight Reached the top of many critics’ and players’ lists of favorite games.

Team Cherry, three-person team behind hollow knight, Don’t stop here. The team continued to work on the game over the next year with four pieces of DLC that expanded the game world and added new enemies, bosses, quests, and game modes. Initially planned as another piece of DLC, Hollow Knight: Silksong, basically called hornet, became so big that Team Cherry decided to make it a full sequel. The development of this new entry has been as mysterious as the world it is set in, with many important questions still shrouded in darkness. As we wait for our next dive into the world of bugs, here’s everything we know about them Hollow Knight: Silksong,

Release date speculations

Hornet is sitting on a bench in a bug town.
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We have no official word on when. Hollow Knight: Silksong will be issued. It was first announced with a trailer in February 2019, but we can assume that it began development right after the final DLC was finished as it was originally planned to be a DLC only. Despite leaks suggesting it should have come out sooner, we still don’t know when this game will finally arrive, but hopefully 2024 will finally be the year we get our hands on it.


Hornet jumping over the fire pit.
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At least for the time being, Hollow Knight: Silksong has only been officially announced as coming to Nintendo Switch and PC, and will be a day one addition on Xbox Game Pass. However, the original hollow knight It was initially a PC-only game, later came to Switch, and then eventually reached PS4 and Xbox One consoles silksong It may also have a phased release. It all depends on what deal Team Cherry has with Nintendo and Microsoft regarding being a console exclusive. Based on how successful the original game was on all platforms, we would think, or perhaps hope, such a deal wouldn’t keep it away from PlayStation consoles permanently, but until we know more, these are the only places you can find it. You can rest assured to get it when it launches.


Hollow Knight: Silksong – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Reveal Trailer for Hollow Knight: Silksong Launching in February 2019, the gorgeous animation and gameplay we saw in the first game was shown off even more. The trailer, naturally, focuses on the new playable character we battled with earlier hollow knight, Hornet. The Hornet is more than just a visual change from The Night. She can speak, for one thing, which gives her much more personality. William Pellon was quoted in an interview as saying about the character of Hornet, “He’s able to express his goals and intentions and things, which means you can’t really hide his intentions or purpose from the player. So there’s still a ton of mystery, but players will quickly – even if you haven’t played Hollow Knight – get a basic idea of ​​who the Hornet is, his attitude, and his initial goals. The trailer reveals several important details of the game. Also highlighted are 150 new enemies, new bosses, friendly NPCs and cities to explore, and tools to find and use.

While the art style is unambiguous hollow knight, All settings shown are completely new. From what little we’ve shown in this trailer and some gameplay footage, some elements of the story have come together. After escaping the cage, Hornet finds herself in a new kingdom called Farloom, far away from Hollownest, where a new and unknown curse has infected most of the bug population. Here he will need to fight his way up the platform and reach the bastion at the top, which is the direct opposite of progression. hollow knight Mainly there was lineage. The trailer shows the Hornet exploring a variety of environments in her quest. If there was one thing that the first game was successful at, it was its ability to tie together so many believable, detailed, and visually unique locations that felt natural. We hope the team achieves nothing less silksong in that regard.

Hollow Knight: Silksong – Xbox Game Pass Reveal Trailer – Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

Hollow Knight: Silksong Shown in a surprise location with a trailer at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase in 2022. Not only was this the first time we saw the game advertised as coming to a platform other than Switch and PC, but it was also revealed to be coming to the game. Cross off the day it launches. Unfortunately, this trailer gave no indication as to when that day would be. Instead, we got more gameplay to look forward to.


The Hornet is attacking a boss causing a shockwave.
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silksong It’s not deviating from the Metroidvania style that the first game was so beloved for. We will have another new interconnected and vast world to explore. Since Hornet is more of a character, and the NPCs also seem to be more important from what we’ve seen, it seems there will be more to do than just that. Of course, we can also count on a ton of new abilities to discover and learn that will open up previously inaccessible areas, as well as expand your combat options. Like his speaking ability, it appears that the main difference in this game will be hollow knight Myself in the Hornet. Another quote from the developer states that “The Hornet being taller changes everything.” We can see its action in the trailer also. Hornet is not only a much larger character than The Knight, but he has faster base movement speed, higher jump height, and the ability to grab and climb ledges.

Unlike the spike wielded by the Knight, Hornet fights with her signature needle, and she has a wider moveset for attacks than the simple slash to learn. There is also a crafting system unique to Hornet. Using materials called Shell Shards collected throughout your adventure, you will be able to craft new weapons and equipment to aid in both combat and traversal. Some confirmed artifacts are the Pimpilo Bomb, a large explosive weapon; Sting Shards, which shoot out spikes when hit by the hornet; and a throwing weapon called a straight pin.

We also have confirmation of the Silk Soul mode which unlocks after completing the game for the first time. Original hollow knight It had the Steel Soul mod which makes death permanent and some NPC changes. It’s likely that the Silk Soul mode will offer a similar level of challenge, but the exact details of what this mode will do, beyond “testing your skills in a new mode that transforms the game into a unique, challenging experience” are unknown. .

pre order

The Hornet is approaching a shadowy figure.
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Until a final release date is determined, there are no preorders available on any system, although if you have Xbox Game Pass, you are guaranteed to get it on that service when it launches. You can add it to your wishlist on the platform of your choice, but for now, that’s all that’s available. It’s worth noting that Team Cherry is honoring their original Kickstarter promise of making all DLC free for their backers. So, despite it being expanded from DLC into a full, stand-alone sequel, anyone who was part of that original Kickstarter campaign will still get silksong Completely free. We’ll be sure to update this guide once preorder information, including pricing, becomes available, but if you were lucky enough to own the original project back in 2014, you’re already set as soon as the game comes out.

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