How to insert a checkbox in Word

If you have a to-do list you want to put together, you should know that you can use Microsoft Word to create it. In fact, you can even create lists with checkboxes in Word that can be checked off electronically. And adding checkboxes to a Word document isn’t as hard as you might think. In this guide, we will show you step by step how to insert a checkbox in Word. We’ll first show you how to enable the checkbox feature and then how to insert one.

Display the Developer tab to enable the checkbox feature (for Windows)

Before you can add a checkbox to your list, you must enable the checkbox feature (and the tab menu within it). In this case, the Checkbox feature is located within the Developer tab, which is a menu that is not shown by default. You have to enable that menu first. This way:

step 1: Choose file Tab in the upper-left corner and then select Option in the lower-left corner of the next screen. (You may need to select More before you can see Option,

step 2: choose customize Ribbon,

step 3: But word choice The screen has two columns. Look at the column on the right. Under the drop-down menu of the column that is labeled main tabsearch for word developer And tick the box next to it. then select Ok,

How to insert checkbox in Word MS Developer tab options screenshot


step 4: developer The tab should now appear in the main ribbon menu at the top of your screen. You can select it to see its options and tools.

Display the Developer tab to enable the checkbox feature (for macOS)

If you’re working on Word in macOS, you’ll also need to start by enabling the Developer tab. However, the settings work a little differently. Here’s what you need to do:

step 1: Open your Word doc. Look at the top of the document window, where you’ll see icons for Save, Print, Undo, and go to the Word home page. Choose small menu arrow on the right.

Selecting the arrow next to the printer icon.

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step 2: choose more orders From the drop-down menu.

Enabling the Developer Tab in macOS.

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step 3: now you should be in ribbon and toolbar Menu. choose tape To reveal more options.

step 4: On the right side of the menu, you will see the option customize Ribbon, Scroll down here until you reach developer At the bottom, and select this tab to enable it.

choose save, Exit the menu and you will now see developer Tab in your Word document.

How to insert a checkbox in Word (for Windows)

step 1: Type your list, then place your cursor at the beginning of the first line of your list. Make sure to leave a space between the first word of your first line and where you want to add the checkbox.

step 2: Choose developer Tab from the ribbon menu.

step 3: inside developer Tab, look at the section labeled Control, In that section, find a box An icon with a check mark inside it. Select this icon. You have just entered your first checkbox.

How to insert checkbox in Word MS Checkbox Screenshot 1


step 4: For the remaining rows of your checklist, select the first checkbox you created and the space after it, and then copy that selection and paste it at the beginning of each of your remaining rows.

Step 5: Once you’re ready to electronically check off a list item on your new checklist, simply select it check box To add an X to the box.

How to insert a checkbox in Word (for macOS)

With the Developer tab enabled in your macOS version of Word, creating checkboxes is very easy. Here’s what you need to do:

step 1: Type your checklist, then place your cursor at the beginning of the first item on your checklist.

step 2: navigate to developer tab in your tape Menu. Here, look for the option called check box, with a check box icon. Select this.

Selecting the check box icon in macOS.

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step 3: You have now added a checkbox to the first item of your list! Repeat the action at the beginning of each item to add a checkbox to all of them.

Selecting the checked option in the checkbox menu.

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step 4: In the macOS version of Word, checking boxes works a little differently – you can’t just select them to check them. Instead, double-click on check box to open Option Menu.

under default valuechoose Checked, then choose Ok, Now your checkbox will be checked.

How to Create a Print-Only Checklist (Checklist That Cannot Be Checked Off Electronically)

If you want checkbox for your list. But they don’t need to be clickable (electronically checked), you can simply create a bulleted list with checkbox-sized bullets.

Comment: This option is not required for macOS, as checkboxes on the Mac version of Word print automatically only until you go into Option Menu, as described above.

step 1: Type your list. Then select the full list.

step 2: Choose Home Tab to the Ribbon, if it is not already selected.

step 3: Choose down arrow icon next to bullet Mark.

How to insert checkbox in Word MS Print Only checkbox screenshot


step 4: Select an option box shaped symbol From the menu that appears. If you don’t see one, select define new bullet Instead of from the menu.

Step 5: If you finally choose define new bulletchoose Sign On the dialog box that pops up.

How to insert a checkbox in Word MS, choose a screenshot


Step 6: Select a font from the drop-down menu labeled Font, Wingdings is a nice font for checkboxes. Choose your favorite checkbox symbol and then select Ok twice. Now you just have a printed checklist.

A series of temporary checkboxes in the online Word app.

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What about adding a Word checklist to ChromeOS?

If you’re working on a Chromebook, we generally suggest using the online version of Word, a free web app that runs well on ChromeOS and uses OneDrive as cloud storage, Which is an ideal solution in many situations.

However, there is a problem with creating a checklist. The online version of Word doesn’t have an option to enable the Developer tab, and there’s no way to create a checklist. There is an Android version of Word that you can find on Google Play, but it also doesn’t support developer options — and Microsoft discontinued Chromebook support for its Android Word app in late 2021.

So, where does that leave Chromebook users? If you want to print a checklist, you can still create one in the Word app online. users can go Pour , drawing , size and choose one Social class, Create a small square in front of your checklist items (choose whatever color you want), then copy it and paste it in front of each item, as shown above. This is a difficult solution but you will get a printable checklist.

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