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Updated from old iPhone to new iPhone 15? You may have noticed that your notifications have changed. Where once they sat on top, now, they appear to be at the bottom, stacked on top of each other. This is a relatively small change, but important, because it dramatically changes how and where you find your notifications.

This change came in iOS 16, and has been implemented in the new iOS 17 as well. If you don’t like that, we have some bad news: Unfortunately, there’s no way to get your notifications back to the top.

But there are other ways to make your information a little more accessible. If you want to see each notification separately on the lock screen, that’s something you can do. In a sharp contrast to Apple’s move, the company offers a way to customize your notifications. They’re still visible at the bottom, but you can open them so they don’t overlap, making them easier to read.

Lock screen on Apple iPhone 15 Plus.

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How to change how notifications appear on the lock screen in iOS 17

If you want to make some changes to the way notifications look and work, there’s a whole section of the Settings menu for you. Here’s how to find it.

step 1: open Adjustment,

step 2: Tap Notifications,

step 3: go to display as section and select the display mode you want to use. By default, selects iOS 16 and 17 heap, which stores information at the bottom of the screen. if you choose ListThis will unstack notifications on the lock screen so you can view them separately.

Other Ways to Change iOS Lock Screen Notifications

Changing the way notifications appear on your lock screen isn’t the only element you can change. you can use it Notifications Options to change how notifications appear or are delivered for individual apps, and you can also set up some useful tools to help you manage what shows up and when.

The first of these is scheduled summary, When enabled, it bundles non-critical notifications and delivers them at a time convenient for you. If you are tired of being bombarded with notifications of little importance throughout the day, but still want to read them at a certain time, for example, after you have finished work for the day, it is worth setting up.

You can also toggle whether previews of notifications are shown or not. this is the default when unlocked, which means iOS will let you know you have a notification for an app, but won’t tell you what’s in it until you unlock. This is important for privacy, but if you want to know if something is important before unlocking, you can change it to Always, Otherwise you can also select Never Notifications will never tell you what’s in them; You won’t know what’s new unless you open the corresponding app.

Finally, there’s also an option to turn off notification popups when you’re using SharePlay or screen mirroring, which is perfect for keeping your notifications private.

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