How to reset the TCL Q6 QLED Google TV

Resetting your TV is one of those things that’s important to know how to do, even if you’re unlikely to do it all that often. And if you own a TCL Q6 QLED Google TV, luckily, we know how to do it. Why would you want to reset your TCL Q6? The most common reason would be that you are selling it or perhaps giving it to a friend or relative, because you don’t want your data to be on the board for the next person to see. (Even if it’s someone you know, it wouldn’t be great.)

However, another reason you might want to reset your TCL Q6 is if it’s acting up and not feeling quite right. Yes, it’s basically a computer with a big screen, but these things can ruin their lives sometimes, and the only way out seems to be to erase them completely. Bit rot is real, and there are ghosts in the machine.

The following is how to reset the TCL Q6 (and most other existing TCL televisions running Google TV for that matter), whether you’re using it in Basic mode, or with your Google account.

The TCL Q6 television has a fairly standard implementation of Google TV.
The TCL Q6 has a fairly standard version of Google TV.

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How to reset TCL Q6

This is one of those things that is extremely easy to do, provided you know where to find it in the menu system. This is where we come in.

step 1: Grab the remote control for TCL Q6. (Remember, this must be a TV remote. Not a remote for an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV or whatever else you’re using.)

Settings button on the TCL Q6 remote control.

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step 2: Squeeze Adjustment The button (the one with the gear icon) on the remote control.

step 3: choose Adjustment From the menu that appears on the screen.

Settings option in the TCL Q6 menu.

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step 4: Navigate through the following menus: System , About this , reset, then choose factory reset,

Reset option in TCL Q6 menu.

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Step 5: You’ll get another warning that you’re about to erase everything and reset the TV back to its factory settings.

choose erase everything,

Erase everything option in TCL Q6 reset menu.

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Step 6: Another confirmation: this time you must enter a four-digit number. (It will be different than what you see here.) Enter it, then sit back and let the TV do its thing.

PIN confirmation is the last step in the TCL Q6 reset process.

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And all. Remember that this is how you reset the TCL Q6 QLED TV, whether it’s in its most basic mode, or if you’ve loaded it with your Google account and all the Google TV apps and data that comes with it.

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