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The Apple TV – Hardware – is one of the best streaming devices money can buy, giving you access to your favorite streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video, as well as apps, games, and more. But another reason to use an Apple TV device is the Apple TV app itself. Not only is it the hub from where you access the Apple TV+ streaming service and all of its original movies, TV shows, and live sports, but it also acts as an aggregator to help you find shows and movies on your other services. Can do.

If you use the Apple TV app, you might find the auto-play video previews that appear on the Apple TV home page or in the Apple TV app really annoying. First, if your noise is loud, they may startle you by kicking. Also, maybe you just want to scroll at your own pace and don’t like the content served in front of you. Also, if you have small children who are waiting for you to return with popcorn for movie night, you won’t want them to be exposed to previews of scary content. Enfield Poltergeist. or worse … The Morning Show.

Turning this off will turn off auto-play of previews in many places, and we’re going to explain all that to you. But to be clear, this does not affect the auto-play of previews in any other streaming apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. They have their own steps to disable them.

Read on for how to turn off auto-play previews on the Apple TV app on Apple TV. Note how this was done on tvOS 17.

The Apple YV app is selected on the Apple TV home screen and Barbie is on preview.

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Auto-play video preview on Apple TV home screen

Before we begin, it is beneficial to explain the various auto-play video preview features on Apple TV, starting from the Home screen. This is where you find all your apps like Netflix, Hulu, Apple Music, and yes, Apple TV. If you use the Apple TV app, you’ve probably placed it in the top row of your most-used apps for convenience.

Auto-play video preview feature turned on But, and the Apple TV app icon in the top row selected, any content that has a video preview (not everything does), whether it’s Apple TV+ native or from other sources, a video preview will automatically play, but without sound. . By swiping the Apple TV remote up, the previews go full-screen and play with sound in their full glory.

Turn on auto-play video preview Close When the icon is selected the video preview is disabled, and still-shots of suggested shows and movies will scroll as normal. But, swiping up is like saying “I want to see the video preview anyway,” in which case it turns into-Close Auto-play has been overridden and anything with a video preview will play full-screen and with sound.

Apple TV+ home screen with attack image.

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Auto-Play Video Preview Inside Apple TV App

This is what it’s like when auto-play previews were turned on in the Apple TV app But, In the Watch Now section, any content with a video preview will play with sound. In the TV+ tab, it’s all original content, so it will auto-play with all the previews. Sports, Store, and Library do not show video previews.

Turning on the auto-play preview feature Close Apple disables automatic playing of all video previews in both the Watch Now and TV+ sections inside the TV app and there will only be static images and title information that you can scroll through.

Now, after all that is over, here are the steps to turn off the auto-play video preview feature.

Apple TV main menu showing the Settings app highlighted.

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How to Turn On Auto-Play Preview on Apple TV App

It’s very easy to turn off the auto-play preview feature of Apple TV apps. This way.

step 1: From Adjustment Menu, scroll down and select simple use,

How to Turn Off Auto-Play Previews on Apple TV: Accessibility Section.

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step 2: Scroll down again and select motion.

How to Turn Off Auto-Play Preview on Apple TV: Motion Selection.

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step 3: Finally, scroll down to highlight Auto-Play Video Preview And click on the remote to switch it from on to Close,

How to turn off auto-play preview on Apple TV: Switching it to the Off position.

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Just Enough. This is one of those little Apple TV tips and tricks we’ve covered over at . Now you can enjoy your Apple TV on your own terms without playing those annoying previews.

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