How to uninstall McAfee

As one of the more common pieces of “free” software installed on prebuilt PCs, McAfee security products are something that many people have encountered, but not everyone wants.

If you want to remove it from your PC, here’s how to uninstall McAfee’s antivirus software.

You probably came here to uninstall antivirus software. But whether you’re running McAfee Antivirus, McAfee LiveSafe, McAfee Security Scan Plus, or anything else released by the company, here’s how to uninstall them.

Note: As much as we understand your need to get rid of McAfee, it is essential to have antivirus protection on your PC. Windows Defender is good, but using one of the best free antivirus applications is an excellent second step to protecting your system.

How to remove McAfee using Settings

Windows 10 hasn’t changed much of the traditional application management system of the Windows ecosystem, but if anything, it’s made the process easier. Here’s how to get rid of McAfee products with Windows’ built-in tools.

step 1: open Adjustment menu by selecting either start button in the lower left corner and then jagged symbolOr searching using “Settings” windows search box and choosing relevant results.

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step 2: open Apps MENU AND USE search box Search for McAfee to find everything McAfee related on your system.

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step 3: Select the McAfee product or app you want to uninstall and then select Uninstall button. When asked, confirm your choice by selecting Uninstall again.

step 4: Windows will ask you for permission to continue, as uninstalling an application is an administrative task. Once confirmed, you will go through the McAfee uninstaller. Each version is slightly different, but follow the removal instructions and it will automatically uninstall the McAfee product from your PC.

The same process can be used to uninstall almost any Windows app.

McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool EULA screen.

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McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool

If the Windows Settings menu doesn’t work for you, and you still have some McAfee software elements working in your system, you can use the McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR) tool.

Note: At the end of this tool’s operation, it may request a reboot, so it is important to save all your work before starting.

step 1: Download the latest version of MCPR from McAfee’s website.

step 2: Run the tool. It does not require installation.

step 3: Accept the license agreement and input the captcha code as requested, select next as necessary.

step 4: Wait for the uninstall process to finish working. Upon completion, if you want more information about the process, select view logs,

Step 5: If prompted to reboot your system, make sure you save everything you need and then restart normally.

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Remove McAfee on Windows 11

If your Windows 11 PC cam has McAfee software pre-installed, removing it is just as simple as it is in Windows 10. Microsoft has made some changes to the settings to make the process more clear.

step 1: To start, press windows key And I on your keyboard. choose from there Apps From the sidebar. you would like to find Apps and features in the middle of your screen and select Next.

(Some Windows 11 PCs may not have this Apps and features Option. You may need to select installed apps instead.)

step 2: Review the list of apps, and look for any McAfee products. Choose three dots symbol choose more Uninstall, You will then want to follow any prompts on your screen, and reboot your PC.

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How to uninstall McAfee on Mac

As with most other apps, to uninstall them you simply need to find the app in your Applications folder and drag it to the trash icon on your home screen. But McAfee software makes it a little more complicated. Removing it requires more effort, but the following method is relatively simple and very effective.

step 1: You will need to sign in as an administrator to do this. open your Application Select and choose folder utilities folder. In utilities folder, open terminal,

step 2: Under Terminal, you need to create an explicit command to uninstall McAfee. According to Apple’s standards, commands must be specific. For McAfee version 4.8 or earlier, enter: sudo/Library/McAfee/sma/scripts/,

For those using McAfee 5.0 or newer, enter: sudo/Library/McAfee/cma/scripts/,

After creating this command, tap enter key.

step 3: After tapping the *Enter* key, your Mac computer should already begin erasing McAfee’s files. After the computer has finished deleting files, reboot your Mac. Your computer will now be ready to run.

Sometimes even a single terminal command is not enough to erase all McAfee files. Even after uninstalling it, you may still see some pop-ups on your screen. If so, download an uninstaller app like AppCleaner to forcibly remove the remaining McAfee files. There are dozens of free and paid apps that can handle this.

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