Hulu celebrates the Huludays with lots of Christmas movies

With Hulu in the rearview mirror, Hulu isn’t wasting any time getting ready for the holidays. Earlier this week, Hulu officially kicked off Huludays with a series of Christmas movies, including some true classics of the season as well as some made-for-TV movies with some familiar faces.

Several Christmas movies on Hulu are celebrating anniversaries in 2023, including our favorite Christmas action movie, die Hard, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary. However, Hulu will only be streaming die Hard Till 30th November. Most of the other Christmas anniversary movies will arrive on Thursday, November 23, including four christmas (15th anniversary), Jack Frost (25th anniversary), and elf (20th anniversary).

Will Ferrell in Elf.
New Line Cinema

Other holidays arriving on November 23 include National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, polar expressAnd fred claus, Love both versions of the perennial favorite miracle on 34th street, Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights, Muppets Christmas Carol, family stoneAnd Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause Already streaming.

Hulu is also debuting some new Christmas movies this week, including a christmas frequency It stars Denise Richards as a radio show host who finds new love during the holidays after her marriage ends. reporting for christmas The premise is similar, as a lovely reporter named Mary (Tamara Feldman) is assigned to interview small-town toy maker Blake (Matt Trudeau). Romantic sparks inevitably fly.

coming this week too Every day is Christmas, An updated version of a Christmas Carol With Toni Braxton as Alexis Taylor, a modern-day Scrooge who is more of a workaholic than a workplace dictator. But the spirits of the holidays have to teach Alexis what she’s missing except love. Last new addition of the week mary lidl christmaswhich stars Kelly Rowland as Jackie, an entrepreneur whose desire for the “perfect Christmas” faces some difficult challenges as she reconsiders her romantic future.

Even more Christmas movies will be added to Hulu in December, with the full lineup arriving in a few weeks.

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