Ikea launching 3 new smart home safety gadgets in 2024

Upcoming Ikea motion sensor and door sensor on yellow desktop.

It looks like Ikea is investing further in the smart home space, as the company plans to launch three new smart home safety products in 2024. The lineup includes a window sensor, motion sensor, and water sensor, and all three sync with the existing DeRegera Hub for easy operation and customization.

The products are expected to launch in the first half of 2024, starting with door and window sensors, Parasol in January. The Parasol works just like all other door and window sensors on the market, alerting you when they open or close. It has a slim design (so it doesn’t look too distorted when installed), and it pairs with both the Ikea app and smart bulbs.

Valhorn is an upcoming motion sensor from Ikea, and it is designed for use both indoors and outdoors. It can also produce a variety of lighting effects when triggered. The Valhorn supports connection to up to ten smart bulbs and is expected to arrive in April if you want to integrate it into an existing system.

Ikea water sensor next to the washing machine.

The last smart home safety device coming in 2024 is the Badering Water Leakage Sensor, which will be released in July. With a built-in alarm that sounds when water is detected, it can sync with your Dirigera Hub to give you instant notifications.

Ikea hopes the products will be affordable and easy to install in your home. Pricing seems to be par for the course (the Valhorn is $9, though pricing for the parasol and padding has not been announced yet), and it will be interesting to see how the devices perform when they launch in 2024.

Previous Ikea smart home products have earned mixed reviews, including the Starkwind air purifier and the Symfonisk table lamp, though anyone looking for affordable and stylish devices will generally find something they like with Ikea’s lineup.

Expect to hear specific pricing details for Ikea’s smart home security products as we enter 2024.

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