Imaginary trailer introduces a new scare bear

If you’ve ever had an imaginary friend growing up, there’s a good chance it wasn’t some kind of supernatural force that will come back to haunt you later in life. But that’s exactly what’s happening in Blumhouse’s upcoming horror film, Imaginary, Unlike killer doll flicks of the past, stuffed bear Chauncey looks as dangerous as it gets. And Chauncey doesn’t appear to be as mobile as other murderous toys. Instead, Chauncey’s sense of danger comes from what he might inspire his victims to do. Sometimes, Chauncey doesn’t even need to lift a paw to hurt himself.

jurassic world dominionDeWanda Wise stars as Jessica, the film’s titular character, and Chauncey was once her bear and her imaginary friend. Now married with a stepdaughter, Alice (Piper Braun), Jessica and her new family move into her childhood home, where Chauncey has been waiting decades for his revenge. It seems that Jessica’s refusal to engage with him has angered Chauncey and will not be ignored. He may not be boiling any rabbits, but Chauncey has his eye on Alice.

Chauncey, the imaginary stuffed bear killer.

It seems like the most thrill in this story is definitely going to come from the low-budget horror of watching Alice fulfill Chauncey’s wish without ever seeing it carried out. This can actually be very effective because when movies focus too much on killer dolls, they start to seem silly. The trailer also reveals that Chauncey’s “game” with Alice has now reached the point of self-harm, and he wishes to take her back to the other world she came from.

The film also stars Tom Payne, along with Betty Buckley, Teigen Burns, Matthew Sato, Veronica Falcon and Dan Deligro. Jeff Wadlow directed and co-wrote the script with Greg Erb, Bryce McGuire, and Jason Oremland.

Imaginary It will hit the theaters on Friday, March 8.

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