7 most underrated It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes…

As the longest-running live-action sitcom, It’s always sunny in Philadelphia (otherwise known as IASIP) has given fans some iconic episodes filled with moments that have been referenced in various forms of media. Be it musical masterpieces The Nightman Cometh or controversial classics such as dennis systemThe most popular episodes of the comedy series are loved by fans and remain a part of popular culture.

Critically acclaimed for each episode IASIPHowever, it has a hidden gem that doesn’t get the appreciation and attention it deserves. From Charlie Kelly: King of Rats To the gang gives backin underrated episodes It’s always sunny in Philadelphia Often reflect the gang’s less risky or more polarizing actions. These episodes may be overlooked, but upon re-watch, audiences will be reminded of how funny, funny, and wild many of these stories are.

Chardy McDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo (Season 11, Episode 1)

Chardy McDennis of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia playing with the gang and Andy Beer at Paddy's Pub at the 2 Electric Boogaloo

Chardy McDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo This is a fantastic episode that had one big problem – it couldn’t live up to the original. season 7 Chardy McDennis: Game of Games is a beloved classic that helped cement it’s always sunnyIt ranks as one of the best sitcoms on Hulu. From Frank Reynolds’ (Danny DeVito) time spent in the doghouse to the absurd coin toss that gave the losers a chance to fight, fans have probably seen this hilarious episode more than once.

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electric boogalooOn the other hand, it complicates “Chardy McDennis” by involving a supposed board game executive with an interest in it. As the gang tries to maintain their composure and inevitably fail, the situation escalates and leads to a dangerous situation saw-Same segment in the basement and the emotional battery of the waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis). Although the first version of the game is undeniably better, electric boogaloo Its highlights included the twist that the executive is not actually Mattel and Dee and Dennis Reynolds’ (Kaitlin Olson and Glenn Howerton) heartbreaking decision to burn Charlie Kelly’s (Charlie Day) flag in the hospital.

Frank’s Back in Business (Season 8, Episode 7)

Charlie and Frank stand near a mic at Frank's Back in Business in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Charlie became Frank’s right hand man Frank is back in business, where “The Warthog” is pulled back into the corporate world for the last time to save his old company from a hostile takeover. Meanwhile, Dennis, Dee and Mac (Rob McElhenney) argue over a lost wallet at Paddy’s Pub, but are soon drawn into Frank’s scheme.

While fans have always known that Frank is rich, this is the season 8 episode that explains why. Frank is completely ruthless as a big shot at Atwater Capital, which confuses Charlie to no end as he can’t figure out what exactly they are making. The dynamic between the two grows apart, especially when Charlie becomes frustrated with how Frank is spending the company’s money. This is an episode that doesn’t get enough credit for great comedic moments like Pepper Jam, “Vic Vinegar, Bodyguard”, and of course “Fight Milk”.

Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack (Season 4, Episode 10)

Charlie and Mac have a heart attack in a corporate office in Sweet D from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

When Dee has a heart attack, the rest of the gang somehow manages to keep it under control, the Reynolds siblings begin exercising and taking supplements, and Mac and Charlie look for jobs as they recover. Ultimately, Dee and Dennis realized they didn’t really like cardio and would buy supplements and botox. Meanwhile, Frank is checked into a mental health facility.

Many fans, and even viewers who have never seen a IASIP episode, will recognize sweet dee has a heart attack For a scene: Charlie’s explanation of the infamous “Pepe Silvia” plot in the mailroom. In addition to this hugely popular meme from the show, there are several other extremely entertaining moments in the actual episode that highlight why it deserves to be among the greats. Aside from Dee and Dennis’ ridiculous attempts to inject each other with Botox, this episode has an overlooked story centering on Frank, essentially repeating certain moments. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest As a clever reference to DeVito’s first film.

The Gang Replaces Dee with a Monkey (Season 15, Episode 4)

Dee standing in front of her students in The Gang Dee from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia replaced by a monkey

The gang takes a joke literally and decide to replace Dee with a monkey when she leaves to audition for a TV series and pursue a career as an acting teacher. To Mac, Dennis and Charlie’s surprise, the monkey Frank brings to the bar can actually pour good drinks, so they put him to work. While they get too drunk because of their new bartender, Dee becomes intoxicated with power as she hosts an increasingly problematic acting class.

The gang replaced D with a monkey It was essentially influenced by the epic adventure it would set – the gang’s trip to Ireland. It’s easy to forget this funny episode from one of the recent seasons IASIPWhich highlighted how arrogant and power-hungry Dee can be, while also showing how easily a real ape can overpower the guys in the gang.

The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell (Season 4, Episode 11)

The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie and Frank are standing behind the pumpkins.

To remain one of the best sitcoms of all time, it’s always sunny Relies on familiar tropes and formulas that have worked well in the past, which is why the episodes are likable The Gang Crack the Liberty Bell There may be a shock for the fans. A kind of flashback episode, the entire story is based on the gang’s lies about the role of “Patrick’s Pub” during the Revolutionary War. Scenes from 1776 dominate the episode and depict the gang’s participation in ringing the liberty bell.

clearly experimental IASIP When the episode first premiered it was upsetting for many fans. At that time in the show, audiences expected a particular formula, and this episode of Season 4 went out of bounds. In The Always Sunny Podcast, Episode 56, McElhenney himself argued that the episode is underrated and unfairly hated, discussing how “the overwhelming response of the audience to this particular episode” was unfair. He even stated that it is “in the top five to 10 best episodes” of the series, going against the negative opinions of many viewers. The Gang Crack the Liberty Bell,

Charlie Kelly: King of Rats (Season 6, Episode 10)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie Kelly is smiling while holding a bat covered in chains in King of the Rats.

season 10 charlie work When asked about how much Charlie does for the gang during the episode, fans will point to the right thing, but Charlie Kelly: King of Rats In fact it should be considered a close second. The episode begins with a clearly tired Charlie, who has just emerged from Paddy’s basement after beating hundreds of rats. It’s one of the many things he has to do to keep the bar running, and he’s clearly tired of it. The rest of the episode focuses on Mac, Dennis, Dee, and Frank’s poor attempts to plan a birthday party for Charlie based on her “dream book”, which consists mostly of gibberish.

king of rats Remembered for the “Spaghetti Policy” scene, which has become one of many fans’ favourites. IASIP Meme. However, this episode is often overlooked, despite the fact that it provides a rare moment of selflessness on the part of Mac, Dennis, and Dee. The trio put together truly bizarre items from her dream book to amuse Charlie, and the “denim chicken,” “bird with teeth,” and “worm hat” they created are hidden gems again. There are more than enough reasons to watch.

The Gang Gives Back (Season 2, Episode 6)

The gang faces off in front of a sign in The Gang Gives Back from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

it’s always sunny has never shied away from being an offensive or controversial show. the gang gives back There is evidence of this, as the episode includes scenes involving children as well as scenes that poke fun at alcohol and racism. It follows the gang’s disastrous community service as basketball coaches for local youth basketball teams, while Charlie relies on a waitress as a sponsor for his required Alcoholics Anonymous membership. As expected, the gang turns basketball training into a competition between them, causing them to teach the kids dirty tricks and strategies to win the game.

Despite the pick, season 2 episodes are rarely mentioned among the best of the series. IASIPTried and tested formula and getting the most out of it. the gang gives back There are plenty of great moments that deserve more attention, including Dee getting hit in the face by Mac’s elbow, the missing shoes and endless intervals as punishment, and Charlie’s stomach-churning acting as a drunk referee. Is included.

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