Flash deal knocks $140 off this 48-amp home electric vehicle…

A man charges his vehicle with a Juicebox 48-amp EV charger in the garage.
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With electric vehicles becoming more common, great electric cars are forcing us to rethink the way we work. However, they won’t go far without some power, and electric vehicle owners today can save on EV chargers. The Juicebox 48-Amp Electric Vehicle Charger is at a deep discount at Best Buy today. It is priced at $499, and will regularly cost $639. That’s a savings of $140, and you can opt for free shipping or in-store pickup at your nearest Best Buy.

Why you should buy the Juicebox 48-Amp Electric Vehicle Charger

Juicebox makes the most aesthetically pleasing electric vehicle chargers, as it places a heavy emphasis on great design. The JuiceBox 48-Amp Electric Vehicle Charger has a minimalist design that might remind you of something made by Apple. Like all the best car chargers, it’s easy to set up, and even easier to use. This is something you’ll want to pair with some of the best EV charging station apps once you’ve got it set up, and you can do so easily, as the Juicebox 48-Amp Electric Vehicle Charger connects directly to your home WiFi network . ,

This is one of the most powerful EV chargers from Juicebox. At 48-amps, it provides charging up to nine times faster than a standard EV charger. Like all of Juicebox’s chargers it is universally compatible, ensuring it will work with all EVs on the market today and in the future. A lot of modern features come in handy with the JuiceNet app. These include updates and notifications while your vehicle is charging. They also include voice control that allows you to monitor, manage, and control the charger with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The Juicebox 48-Amp Electric Vehicle Charger is rated for indoor and outdoor use, so you can install it in your garage or along your driveway, depending on what works best for your home’s layout. What is good?

While the Juicebox 48-amp electric vehicle charger would regularly cost you $639, today you can add it to your home for just $499. This deal saves $140, and Best Buy will send you the charger for free or you can pick it up at your nearest Best Buy.

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