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At this point, it’s hard to be surprised FortniteRadical change. The mega-popular battle royale game has become a shapeshifter since its launch, constantly releasing seasonal updates that fundamentally alter the core experience. But all those previous changes are about to seem fundamental as the shooter ushers in an entirely new era today. Fortnite Getting a big update that completely turns it into a platform with multiple games. don’t call it fortnite 2, Its FortniteFree-to-play storefront.

Over the next three days, Epic Games will unveil three original, free games Fortnite, This includes titles from the creators behind rock band And rocket leagueBut the headliner dropped today: lego fortnite, This isn’t just a new battle royale mode or an excuse to fill the shop with tons of skins. It’s a full-on survival crafting game that essentially crams in minecraft inside of Fortnite,

It’s the most ambitious swing at a shooter yet, but is it enough fun to stand shoulder to shoulder with the beloved battle royale experience? after shaking hands with lego fortnite Before its launch today, I believe it has potential. It may not be the deepest game, but the creative toolset it offers could make it a digital playground for kids.

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lego fortnite Core is a completely different game to battle royale, and it’s much bigger in many ways. Players are dropped into a procedurally generated map, consisting of three biomes that are 20 times the size of FortniteCommon play area. Players can share their unique seeds with each other and build collaboratively. It comes with a survival mode, where players need to manage hunger and health, as well as a freeform sandbox mode.

Characters are found around a village in Lego Fortnite.
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I’ll find the hook quickly. At first, I could only collect food, wood, and stones. The more I collected, the more recipes I started unlocking. It wasn’t long before I built a campfire, a crafting bench, a grill that could turn raw materials into food, and a lumber mill that could turn tree branches into planks and rods. I will soon be making an ax to help me cut down trees for more wood and a broad sword that I can use to kill enemies (with some simple one-button attacking, blocking and dodging ). By the end of my demo my simple campsite would begin to expand when a nonplayable character (NPC) came over and said they would be willing to move into my budding city if I could build a bed for them.

It seems like it’s a huge part lego fortniteLoop of: Gather materials, gain crafting recipes, slowly build a village from the ground up. It is not yet clear how deep it goes. The progress I experienced in the beginning seemed simple as I was simply instructed to create more content and complete requests for villagers. I lost my way only to follow a flashing light to a llama package full of resources and end up ambushing a camp full of NPCs and stealing their stuff. The three biomes increase in difficulty, but I didn’t understand if there was a guiding story. This makes Lego Fortnite feel a little loose in the early hours. This might have been a problem in a standalone release, but the game-within-a-game nature of the project gives it a lot of flexibility; It’s an incredible thing that is so clearly present in a free-side game.

The complexities of the game are not as important as the creative toolbox lego fortnite Offer. It recreates approximately 10,000 real Lego bricks, which players can use to build anything they can dream of. If this sounds intimidating, luckily the game includes simple “custom-made” recipes. When I build a simple housing structure, I complete the project in several stages, allowing me to assemble the pieces together in a clear template. It makes me feel like I’m building an instruction book, giving me a better understanding of how LEGO creations are built with easy steps.

A character builds a house in Lego Fortnite.
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However, this is only a starting point. After tinkering with some initial tools, Epic Games showed a video of advanced creations made by its team. These were not created with recipes, but were built brick by brick into the game. The results are shocking. I saw an outdoor canteen filled with villagers and a working monorail, among other inventions. Basically anything you can build with Lego in real life can be built here, and that can give Fortnite This is the most influential creative genre ever. I used what little time I had to create my own stepped entryway for a villager’s home, but I think a dedicated community would create some amazing things.

lego fortnite In fact it feels like it’s the ultimate child’s play; It’s a toy box inside a toy box. For parents who don’t like the idea of ​​their kids playing shooting with guns, this is a more useful entry point. Fortnite Which encourages playful creativity. The only question mark is how far Epic Games will take microtransactions in the long term. If it decides to lock building parts and costumes behind V-Bucks (something it’s been troubling this year lego 2k drive), which may dent its child-friendly environment. Although what I have already played, lego fortnite This appears to be harmless entertainment that will spark kids’ imaginations rather than train their trigger fingers.

lego fortnite now available inside Fortnite to free.

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