Lena Headey heads to space in Beacon 23’s first trailer

In genre TV, very few people have the experience of actress Lena Headey. apart from its eight seasons game of Thrones As Cersei Lannister, Headey also starred as Sarah Connor Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesAnd she lent her voice to Evil-Lynn in Netflix Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Now, Headey is coming back to TV next month beacon 23, a new original sci-fi series on MGM+. And if the new trailer is any indication, Headey’s new character is a little morally ambiguous.

Beacon 23 (MGM+2023 Series) Official Trailer

In the series, Headey plays a woman named Aster Calix who claims she does not know how she arrived at Beacon 23, one of the lighthouses at the end of the known universe. However, Astor’s story is somewhat questionable as she stated that Beacon 23 was always her destination, and that she was looking for something at the station.

Helen Kai Nelson (Stephen James) is concerned by Aster’s arrival, but even more so by her mysterious behavior. Maybe it’s best not to trust him as suddenly his remote outpost has been taken over by factions who want something he has hidden within.

A woman is looking at something at Beacon 23.

Given the circumstances, Hanlon may not like it, but Aster may be his only ally at the station. Because whoever wants the secret of Beacon 23 is willing to kill both of them to get it.

The series stars Marnie MacPhail as Kanade, Danielle Malick as Finch, Cyrus Fayard as Tech Wrecker, Hannah Melissa Scott as Teenage Ester, Tara Rosling as Randall, and Sydney Ozerov-Meyer. Has acted as Grisha.

beacon 23 It will premiere on November 12 on MGM+.

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