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Most directors can spend their entire career looking for an inspiration. Martin Scorsese was lucky enough to get two of them, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. Scorsese’s collaborations with the two actors helped him craft some of the most iconic films of all time. Scorsese’s collaborations with De Niro from the 1970s to the 1990s made the director a household name, while his partnership with DiCaprio further cemented his legacy as the greatest living American filmmaker. And Scorsese may even become TikTok’s biggest breakout star before his career ends.

De Niro has collaborated with Scorsese on ten films: mean streets; Taxi driver; New York, New York; raging Bull; King of Comedy; Goodfellas; Cape Fear; Casino; Irishman; And flower moon killer, As for DiCaprio, he has six films with Scorsese: Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed, Shutter Island, The Wolf of Wall Street and Killers of the Flower Moon,

It stars both DiCaprio and De Niro flower moon killer, it begs the question: which actor is the better Scorsese collaborator? Know below.

Best Leadership Performance

Travis Bickle is sitting in a theater of Taxi Driver.
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It’s easy to pick out DiCaprio’s best lead performance in Scorsese. Anyone on Quaaludes would even know DiCaprio is into Jordan Belfort The Wolf of Wall Street His biggest role is in a Scorsese film. DiCaprio’s charisma is off the charts as he plays a smug, hedonistic stockbroker whose criminal exploits have made him a financial legend. Belfort engages in fraud and corruption throughout the film. Still, the audience can’t help but laugh awkwardly at this hero. It’s a testament to DiCaprio’s commitment to playing an irrepressible, larger-than-life brutal role.

Unfortunately for Leo, his tour-de-force performance as Belfort has to go up against two of De Niro’s legacy-defining roles: Travis Bickle in Taxi driver and jake lamotta in raging Bull, De Niro’s Bickle is a terrifying villain grounded in realism. Although many of us may never shave our heads and take them to a brothel, everyone can relate to Travis’s loneliness and the weirdness we hide from others.

Taxi driver This would be the best credit on the resume of any actor other than De Niro, whose performance in raging Bull Just as good, if not better. There are the actor changes, and then there’s De Niro as LaMotta. The actor learned boxing and gained 60 pounds toward the end of his life to look recognizable as a washed-up athlete. Two great roles give De Niro the edge over DiCaprio’s magnetic character.

Winner: Robert De Niro

Best Supporting Performance

Two men standing next to each other and staring.  Gangs of New York.
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This category is not a fair fight. Even though DiCaprio was cast as the lead actor gangs of New York, that film stars Daniel Day-Lewis as top dog Bill the Butcher, one of Scorsese’s best characters of the 21st century. For fans of the last Dance, DiCaprio is Scottie Pippen after suffering a back injury in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, while Lewis is Michael Jordan. DiCaprio is vital to the film’s success, but without Lewis the film fails. Your eyes are fixed on Lewis’ intriguing performance as a mad villain. Lewis is so good that whenever he’s off-screen, you want to rush forward to get him back in the frame. This is one of the rare times when DiCaprio plays second fiddle. DiCaprio’s performance as Amsterdam Vallon is solid, but it gets lost in the greatness of Lewis as Bill the Butcher.

De Niro’s first film collaboration with Scorsese was in the supporting role of Johnny Boy Civello mean streets, Harvey Keitel’s Charlie Cappa plays the lead role, but De Niro steals the show from the moment he confidently walks into a red-light bar with two girls on his arm. In goodfellas, De Niro plays the second lead role, Jimmy “The Gent” Conway. Don’t let his nice suit or charming smile fool you. Jimmy was a gangster who would kill anyone if he had one more dollar in his pocket. De Niro struck fear into the hearts of the audience. Plus, De Niro gets my favorite moment goodfellas, as Jimmy tells Bates that the drinks are on the house and includes a mysterious pause after “on”. It’s so absurd, but it makes me laugh every time.

Winner: Robert De Niro

More entertaining movies to watch

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I want to clarify this category. I’m not picking on which actor had the better Scorsese films (critical and financial). De Niro’s four collaborations with Scorsese – mean streets, Taxi driver, raging BullAnd Goodfellas – Selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. DiCaprio does not own any Scorsese films. Instead, I’m choosing better movies to watch as a collection. If you were sitting at home on a Friday night, would you gravitate towards DiCaprio’s movies or De Niro’s movies in terms of entertainment value?

Scorsese’s greatest creation goodfellas, a film that can be watched countless times because of its brilliant ensemble, great music selection and entertaining premise. nothing can be said about it Taxi driver And raging Bull, It’s not exactly comforting to watch an American incel go crazy or watch an award winner commit domestic violence on a Friday night. DiCaprio, on the other hand, has a wide selection of crowd-pleasers across a variety of genres. Options include an epic crime saga (heavenly resident), an iconic biopic (the Aviator), an outrageous comedy (The Wolf of Wall Street), and a neo-noir thriller (shutter Island, For a Scorsese movie marathon, give me DiCaprio movies.

Winner: Leonardo DiCaprio

If they switched roles, who is better?

Leonardo DiCaprio standing near a microphone in The Wolf of Wall Street.
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Pretend DiCaprio played De Niro’s roles and vice versa. Which actor is better? Leo is a brilliant dramatic actor and can play De Niro’s gangster roles mean streets, goodfellas, casinoAnd Irishman, Because of his role in Django UnchainedI believe DiCaprio will be fine king of comedy, Very. This is the scary psychopathic version of De Niro where I have trouble imagining Leo. Can he play a violent rapist in this? Cape Fear, a sad and angry lonely person Taxi driver, a troubled boxer raging Bull? DiCaprio is too good looking and likable to play these types of roles.

Meanwhile, it would be easier for De Niro to transition to DiCaprio’s part. De Niro will flourish gangs of New York, heavenly residentAnd shutter Island, De Niro’s version of Jordan Belfort would be more serious, meaner, and less funny, but it would still work. the Aviator This is the only role I could never see De Niro playing. De Niro wins this round, but it’s close.

Winner: Robert De Niro

anyone win?

In Killers of the Flower Moon, a man leans against a car while another man holds his hand.

De Niro is a better Scorsese collaborator than DiCaprio. This is no knock against Leo, who will go down as the best actor of his generation. DiCaprio is going up against the only person who has a better working relationship than him with the legendary director. De Niro and Scorsese have been friends for nearly 60 years. That type of chemistry can’t be replicated. This interview with Scorsese in The Wall Street Journal Magazine perfectly captures the strong bond he had with De Niro.

during filming Killer of flower moon, De Niro began to grow frustrated with DiCaprio’s continued improvement. Scorsese said, “From time to time, Bob and I would look at each other and roll our eyes a little.” “And we will tell [DiCaprio], ‘You don’t need that dialogue.'” DiCaprio will always be Scorsese’s best student. However, De Niro will always be Scorsese’s best friend and collaborator.

Winner: Robert De Niro

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