Surprise Soulslike hit Lies of P is getting new DLC and a se…

This interpretation of the classic Pinocchio is nothing like the friendly (if a little scary) original. Your puppet is brought to life and sent into a world of dangers around every corner, and only your weapons and reflexes will get you through it. After all, Lies of the P is a Soulslike, so finding and testing out new weapons is part of the experience. That and dying of course. Still, if you want to avoid the latter as much as possible, a stronger weapon will come in handy. The game uses a system where you can customize your arsenal by swapping blades and handles, giving you many possibilities, but we’ll focus on which weapons in Lies of P Are the best and will let you make changes to it. From there.
best weapons in pk lies

puppet saber
Since you can only get the Puppet Saber at the beginning of Lies of the P, you can write it off as something that is only viable in the early game and should be removed as quickly as possible. Not so, as this fast-killing sword can remain competitive at least until the middle of the game. It has good range, is fast, and has a great charge attack that you can use to engage enemies. It is ranked C in both mobility and technique, and comes with the fabled Storm Slash skill, which unleashes a flurry of attacks at a target in front of you. The other art it contains is Concentrate, which gives you a temporary attack buff.
salamander dagger
If you’re going for a build that focuses on landing lots of quick hits rather than long, heavy attacks, daggers like the Salamander Dagger are your best friend. The real benefit of this dagger is that it deals fire damage, which many enemies are weak against. It is on a scale of B in Advance, C in Technique and D in Motivability. It also has the Ignite ability to give it even more firepower (literally) and the Guard ability to deliver rapid blows before automatically retreating.
booster glaive
There aren’t a ton of area-control weapons in Lies of the P, which makes the Booster Glaive stand out as a unique option. You get good range, and the arc on each swing is perfect for crowd control. In tighter, more linear spaces, you can use a charge attack to thrust forward. This is a technique weapon, scaling on B, but it also has D scaling in motility. It shares the Storm Slash skill with the Puppet Saber, but also has Patient Slash, which lets you execute a large, powerful attack.
acidic crystal spear
Despite the word “spear” in the weapon’s name, the Acidic Crystal Spear technically falls under the dagger category of weapons. Despite this, it has the look, range and feel of a spear. It can perform rapid, slashing attacks, and will also deal acid damage on each attack. You get excellent A-level scaling with Advanced, as well as D levels in technique and motivation. The radiate art is like the Salamander Dagger’s Ignite, only for acid, and the single stab is a more powerful forward lunge attack.
two dragons sword
With a name like Two Dragons Sword, who can resist at least trying out this katana? This boss weapon gives you all the flair and speed of a katana, but unfortunately it can’t be taken apart or modified. Still, with an A scaling in technique and a D in mobility, you won’t want for much with this blade. Your two skills are Link’s Emergency Dodge, which lets you move by dodging and gives you the option to use a fable slot to make two follow-up attacks, and Wind of Swords, which throws swords in an area of ​​effect. Leaves a stream.

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