Logitech’s A50 X is a gaming headset and HDMI switcher in on…

A Logitech A50

Logitech has announced its latest gaming headset, the Astro A50X. It’s priced at $380, but for good reason: This is a headset that’s compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

The new device is an evolution of Logitech’s popular Astro A50 headset, which features a different base stand. The A50 A prime example is that it is compatible with the PS5 and Xbox Series

The A50 The wireless headset comes with a base stand that connects to each console via HDMI and USB. Both audio and visuals from each console pass through the base stand. By pressing the “PlaySync” button on the side of the headset (or in the Logitech app), players can switch which console appears on the connected TV or monitor, as well as which audio feed is fed to the headset. It’s basically an HDMI switch inside the headset.

The base stand of the A50

The back of the base also includes a port for connecting a PC, although this will not pass video. Since it is Bluetooth compatible, it can also be connected to mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, and other devices. This means you can connect each of your gaming systems to one headset and flip between them instantly.

The A50 features Pro-G graphene drivers and a high-resolution microphone, and has a 24-hour battery life. It has an open-back design (no active noise cancellation by design) and allows players to mix their game and chat audio instantly.

Although its features are impressive, the headset comes with some major caveats. The headset’s Bluetooth is actually located in the base stand of the headset. This means players can’t connect to the headset wirelessly unless both it and their device are in range of the stand. This complicates things for those who already use an HDMI switch to manage their system, as it can only connect to three devices at once. Logitech does not currently recommend attempting to connect the Base to another HDMI switch. This may make the headset a niche use case.

The Logitech Astro A50X will start shipping on December 20th and will come in both black and white designs.

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