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A Lucid Gravity electric SUV on the road.
Lucid Group

There is finally another option in the world of electric SUVs. The Lucid Air has long been known as the electric car with the longest range, but Lucid is finally coming out with a bigger alternative – the Lucid Gravity. It offers the same design sensibilities as the Air, with more space inside and significantly better performance.

The Lucid Air may well be the electric SUV of choice, at least when it comes to luxury options. Curious to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know.

clear gravity design

If you’ve seen the Lucid Air, you have an idea about the overall design of the Lucid Gravity. The car is sleek and stylish, and it’s not majority of Unique looking car, overall it is clearly a premium car.

Front three-quarter view of the Lucid Gravity electric SUV.
Lucid Group

On the front of the Gravity, two thin headlights can be found and a sloping hood that curves towards the front. The side profile of the car slopes downwards towards the rear, where you will find the rear light bar. In most of the color options, there is a two-tone look, which some will like and some will not.

In some ways, gravity looks just like a taller version of air – but still, that’s not a bad thing. It’s not the most revolutionary design, but it still looks pretty cool.

Lucid Gravity Interior

The interior of Lucid Gravity is also premium. There is a nice stitched leather that is saddle brown in most of the images.

Like the Lucid Air, there are two displays on the front of the car. It has a super-wide display that extends across the front for lights and wipers, instrument monitoring and mapping, and a secondary display that can be used for climate control, driving modes, and other settings. This particular dual-display setup is somewhat unique to the Lucid Gravity and Lucid Air, and after operating the Air, I can say that it’s relatively intuitive and easy to use.

The dashboard of the Lucid Gravity electric SUV.
Lucid Group

Of course, the Gravity is more spacious than the Air – to the extent that it offers three rows of seats. There’s also a center console for storage between the two front seats, and a pair of tables can be folded down from the front seats for second-row passengers.

apparent gravity model

The Lucid Air came in several different models, and it’s entirely possible that the Gravity will eventually be available in multiple trim levels as well. Lucid hasn’t announced trim levels for the car yet, so we can only guess.

If Gravity is more like the air, it can come in base “Pure” trim, which includes the Touring, Grand Touring, Dream Edition, and Sapphire packages. If those trims are planned, it’s unlikely they’ll all be released at launch — after all, Lucid recently launched the Lucid Air Sapphire.

Lucid Gravity range and charging speed

The Lucid Air is known for its excellent range, and thankfully this continues with the Lucid Gravity. According to Lucid, the Lucid Gravity will have a range of over 440 miles – and while we expect that figure to be for the highest-range model, even the base model has better range than other electric cars Will happen. There. However, we will have to wait and see.

Rear three quarter view of the Lucid Gravity electric SUV with bike rack and roof rack.
Lucid Group

Charging speed will also be excellent. Lucid says the Gravity will get up to 200 miles of range in 15 minutes using a 350-kilowatt charging station. This means the Gravity will be one of the fastest-charging cars available today, and will be able to take full advantage of fast charging stations.

apparent gravity display

Lucid Gravity not only offers an excellent range – it’s also very fast. The Gravity will come with dual electric motors, with all-wheel drive as standard, at least initially.

Exact performance figures for the Gravity have not been revealed yet, but it is likely that the Gravity will deliver similar performance to the Lucid Air. This means it will get around 480 horsepower in the base Pure model, 620 horsepower in the Touring trim, and 1,050 horsepower in the Grand Touring trim.

apparent gravity
Lucid / Lucid Motors

We’ll have to wait and see how well Lucid Gravity performs in the real world. But, if it’s anything like the Gravity Air, it could be one of the fastest electric cars ever – the Lucid Air Dream Edition currently trails only the Tesla Model S plaid on the list of fastest production cars.

lucid gravity price

Don’t expect Lucid Gravity to save us from the lack of affordable electric SUVs – Lucid Air will start At $74,900, and the Gravity will be in the same neighborhood. Lucid has said the car will have a starting price of “less than $80,000,” but we don’t expect it to be much lower than that.

Of course, that price will be for the base trim of the car, and higher-end models will certainly cost more. Check out the Sapphire Edition of the Lucid Air, which had a starting price of around $249,000. It’s hard to imagine that Lucid won’t eventually offer a similarly priced version of the Gravity.

lucid gravity release date

So when can you get Lucid Gravity for yourself? Unfortunately, you’ll still have to wait for some time. Lucid has said Gravity will be available in late 2024, so consumer availability could still be a year away. However, you can order it now if you want – but even then, it will take a while for you to actually receive it.

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