The next Mass Effect will tackle some burning questions from…

It’s November 7, 2023, which means it’s also N7 Day, where EA and BioWare celebrate the Mass Effect series with a new game in development. Although we didn’t get any new art or any other trailers this year, a message from Mass Effect franchise director and executive producer Mike Gamble teases story elements for the next mainline Mass Effect game.

Specifically, he heavily teases the new Mass Effect game’s connection to the original trilogy by discussing several questions BioWare asked itself during the game’s development. The blog post includes a list of interesting questions that the next game could explore.

  • “What happened to everyone you know and love in sports?”.
  • “Who In fact dead?”
  • “Who had children with whom?”
  • “What do baby voles sound like?
  • “What about all the galaxies?
  • “Ending!”
  • “What the hell is going on with our Asari scientist turned Shadowbroker?”
  • “What about s- never mind… you got it.”

Although there’s still nothing in terms of plot synopsis or premise for the next Mass Effect game, the wording of this post makes it clear that BioWare plans to eventually answer a number of questions about the conclusion to the original trilogy. Which is from 2017. mass effect andromeda Ignored. Ultimately, Gamble says that BioWare will “look to the future of this universe with gratitude and deep respect.”

Additionally, other N7 celebrations include a humble bundle of Mass Effect and Dragon Age comics, new items in BioWare’s gear store, some new figurines based on Mass Effect characters, and more. BioWare is also embroiled in controversy this N7 Day as unionized employees of Keywords, who were fired by BioWare earlier this year, are on strike outside the studio’s Edmonton, Alberta, Canada office.

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