Microsoft Word Free Trial: Get a month of service for free

The titanic office suite, which almost everyone knows, called Microsoft Office, includes the famous word processor Microsoft Word. But with the latest versions of its software, Microsoft has moved to the cloud. Microsoft Word is a versatile and capable word processor that’s essential for typing and editing written documents, among other things (and there are a lot of things you probably didn’t know you could do in Microsoft Word). Microsoft Office is a paid software, however, Word is included, and for some, the cost may seem high even with some of the best Microsoft Office deals. So, if you are wondering if there is a free trial of Microsoft Word or any other way to get it for free, read on to find out.

Is there a Microsoft Word free trial?

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Microsoft Word is actually part of the company’s broader Office app suite. Now known simply as Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office), Microsoft’s enterprise software is available in several different packages that are now subscription-based; The company has removed old bundles that were available for one-time payment. This means if you want a free trial of Microsoft Word, you’ll need to sign up for a Microsoft 365 trial, which includes Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, and the Word app with an editor.

The good news is that the free trial of Microsoft 365 gives you one month of service. That’s plenty of time to enjoy Microsoft Word for free, as well as try out the rest of the Microsoft 365 apps so you can decide whether you want to pay for it after the trial period ends. However, you do need to provide your credit card information in advance, and if you don’t want to be billed the annual subscription rate, it’s up to you, of course, to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends.

Can you get Microsoft Word for free?

Sadly, for most of us there is no way to get Microsoft Word without paying (other than taking advantage of the free trial of Microsoft Word through the offer above). Still, you may be able to get it for free through your school or workplace, so you might want to look into it and see if it’s available to you based on your circumstances. Otherwise, test out Microsoft 365 to get Microsoft Word for free for a month, and then if you decide it’s worth paying, take some time to look at any Microsoft Office deals that may be available on your subscription. But may be available to save some money.

Finally, university students can get access to the free Office 365 Education Edition, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Teams. If you have a valid .edu email address, you can

To see if you’re eligible to get Office 365 Education Edition for free.

Alternatively, if you have any illustration or design work that needs doing, you might consider the Adobe free trial or Adobe Photoshop free trial. Then, of course, if you have any financial or accounting work, there’s also a free trial of QuickBooks available. It’s always good to know what else is out there, especially when it comes to affordable software options.

Are there any Microsoft Word deals?

Microsoft Word Document.

If you’ve used up your Microsoft Word trial and are ready to purchase, you may want to actually cancel your subscription rather than be billed the full retail price. Microsoft Office deals abound, with retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, and others frequently offering markdowns on Microsoft’s software suite. Typically, you’ll see savings of $10 to $30 in your first year of service for the Microsoft 365 Personal, Business, and Family suites. Other bargains worth noting include package deals that bundle Microsoft 365 with other software; It is often bundled with security software from brands like McAfee, AVG, and Norton.

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