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The Milwaukee M18 inflator is attached to a van tire.
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One of the most rewarding parts of covering Black Friday deals is finding something at a really low price that can help our readers out of a jam. That’s how this Milwaukee M18 inflator works, which will inflate your tires to a precise PSI at the touch of a button. This device is perfect for those who already have Milwaukee’s M18 tool batteries, which it uses, but (we’ll see soon) it’s also a great entry point to using Milwaukee cordless power tools . Normally the Milwaukee M18 Inflator costs $310, but you can now get it for $128. That’s a savings of $182. Tap the button below to grab them quickly while they’re still in stock, or keep reading for why we love it.

Why should you buy the Milwaukee M18 Inflator

First and foremost, the Milwaukee M18 Inflator provides you with an easy way to inflate your tires in any difficult or awkward situation. It is especially great for lawn mower tires. They find it awkward to go to a gas station or other place where you traditionally fill tires and have the hassle of inflating a tire by hand. Use of the machine is simple. Insert the M18 Milwaukee battery, set the desired PSI for the deflated tire, connect the tire and wait until filled with air. The Milwaukee M18 Inflator will automatically stop pumping air once the ideal PSI is achieved. When you’re done, the Milwaukee M18 Inflator is compact and easy to stash, being the size of a lunchbox.

If you are not a frequent power tool user then one of the above steps may bother you. And this is where you insert the M18 Milwaukee battery, which does not come with an inflator. Generally, this makes sense because it’s hard to justify buying a battery just for one device. However, with deals


By combining these items for less than the savings on the inflator, you can purchase a Milwaukee M18 inflator and a battery for less than the original cost of the inflator. Who knows, maybe now you’ll be interested in getting other

And become a DIY pro.

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And now you can see why we’re so excited about Amazon Black Friday deals. Once again, while this Black Friday deal lasts, you can get the Milwaukee M18 Inflator for only $128. That’s $182 less than its usual $310.

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