Modern Warfare 3 preload guide: release time, file size, and…

Load your mags and get ready to fire your weapon because call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 So close that you can almost smell the smell of gunpowder. Duty The franchise is still missing a year from the original modern war, And even though it’s the second modern warfare 3 We have this clearly a whole new battlefield. Not only will the campaign conclude the globe-trotting plotline established in the previous two games, but you can expect the usual suite of modes, including multiplayer, zombies, and tie-ins with HIT. Warzone 2. With all the betas concluding, fans have nothing left to look forward to except the full release, but there’s still a way to get ready. Here’s all the information you need for preloading modern warfare 3,

modern warfare 3 release time

If you have already ordered modern warfare 3, you’ll get a full week of early access to the campaign starting on November 2nd at 10am PT or your local equivalent. For everyone else, the game will launch on November 10th. Preloading will begin on November 1 at 10am PT.

modern warfare 3 file size

The only file size we have so far is for the campaign pack, which is split into two downloads. Pack 1 is listed as 18.042 GB, while Pack 2 is said to be 32.942 GB. That’s just under 51GB combined, so make sure you’ve freed up a fair amount of HD space before preloading starts, especially considering it doesn’t include multiplayer.

You’ll also need the Call of Duty HQ file, which adds another 89.019GB on top of everything else.

Modern Warfare 3 Preload Options

As long as you have pre-ordered any version of it modern warfare 3You are able to preload the game at the above mentioned time on November 1st from the storefront where you purchased the game.

Modern Warfare 3 preorder details

modern warfare 3 can still happen Pre-ordered on the official site, both the Cross-Gen/Standard Edition and the Vault Edition are currently available.

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