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Julia Season 2 | Official Trailer | Maximum

Now returning for its second season on Max, Julia has become one of the unexpected joys of the TV calendar. Telling Julia Child’s story with a brilliant combination of humor and genuine compassion, the series has earned its fair share of fans, who flock to it either because of their fascination with Julia Child or because of their love of cooking on TV. .

If you are one of those people who are looking for similar shows and movies to watch while you have exhausted all the available programs mainly Julia episode, so we’re here to help. These are three shows you should watch that have a lot in common Julia,

Bear (2022-)

Julia It’s a more quiet, gentle show, but Bear Set in exactly the same world. It is the story of a highly qualified chef who returns to his hometown to revamp his brother’s sandwich shop. Bear It’s a show about family, generational trauma, and great food.

Whereas Julia It doesn’t have all those sharp edges Bear However, both shows have their moments of excitement Bear Certainly you are very likely to have an anxiety attack. What both shows understand, however, is that cooking is an art form, and should be treated as such.

both seasons of Bear Streaming on Hulu. For more related content, see BearSeason 1 episodes, ranked.

Julie and Julia (2009)

perhaps its most direct analogue Julia, Julie and Julia Tells Julia Child’s story, and combines it with the story of a contemporary blogger who is working her way through Child’s French cookbooks.

Although it may seem too complicated for your own interest, Julia and Julia manages to draw surprising parallels between its two central stories, and also explains why Childe has remained an enduring figure. Meryl Streep shines as Child, perfectly toeing the line between hammy and sincere, and Amy Adams is equally good at playing a character with whom very few were familiar.

Julie and Julia Streaming for free on YouTube.

Ratatouille (2007)

Brad Bird’s great creation, ratatouille, Follows a mouse who, inspired by a Julia Child-like figure, comes to believe that he too can become a great chef. Like Julia, Ratatouille Comedy is used to tell the story of an unlikely chef who rises to the top of his field due to his tremendous skills.

Ratatouille It’s a story about creation, and where great art can come from anywhere, and it’s one of Pixar’s finest films. Like all the best movies about cooking, Ratatouille Knows that it’s an art as well as a science, and reminds us from time to time that really anyone can cook.

Ratatouille Streaming on Disney+.

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