Netflix free trial: Can you stream for free in 2023?

Almost no one would argue that Netflix is No Godfather of streaming. It basically started the entire movie streaming concept and reinvented it when it launched its first original program, House of cards, Even though the streaming market is a little more crowded now, Netflix still has some unbeatable programming. Netflix prices have increased over the past few years, and there are some signs that it may continue to increase. If you’re thinking about joining or rejoining the streaming giant, but aren’t quite sure, you’re probably looking for a free trial. We’ve gathered all the information you need on how to save some money on a new Netflix account.

Is there a free trial of Netflix?

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Just like there’s no free trial of Disney Plus, if you’re hoping for a free trial of Netflix right now, you’re out of luck. There used to be a 30-day free trial, but Netflix ended it a few years ago, and we don’t think it’ll be coming back anytime soon. Unlike some other streaming services (the excellent 30-day Hulu free trial comes to mind), Netflix doesn’t feel obligated to run free-trial offers. It’s a tough break for the “try before you buy” crowd, but the sad truth is that, like Disney+, Netflix has quite a captive audience and very little indeed to entice people to sign up. There is no need to do it. The good news is that Netflix has flexible plans, allowing you to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time without any penal fees. If you decide the service isn’t for you, or just want to take a break for a while, there are no contracts or commitments to worry about.

Can you get Netflix for free?

The enduring popularity of Netflix can be a good thing, as it means you can sometimes score Netflix for free through third parties. Retailers and service providers may offer free Netflix subscriptions, even if only for a certain period of time, with select purchases (such as a new smart TV) or when you sign up for a new service such as a home internet package or unlimited data. Let’s sign up for the plan. If you’re thinking about signing up for Netflix but can’t wait, keep deals like this on your radar – you never know when one will pop up. Right now, for example, T-Mobile gives you Netflix for free if you


Since prices may or may not increase, alternatively, you may want to consider some of the other services on offer, such as Showtime free trial, Amazon Prime Video free trial, Sling TV free trial, or even Live Hulu with TV free trial. They certainly aren’t the same as Netflix, but they offer plenty of content to keep you going until you secure a subscription!

Is there a Netflix deal?

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As of now, there aren’t any notable Netflix deals available through the streaming platform, and much like the Netflix free trial, we’re not expecting any. You don’t get any discounts even if you pay annually; There’s a fixed monthly fee (which depends on what tier you sign up for) and that’s it. This is more sad news for deal seekers like us, but it’s hard to complain about Netflix’s simple and transparent pricing plan, and the monthly payment structure doesn’t lock you into a contract, so it’s easy to cancel or change. Plan whenever you want. Are you still hesitating about whether or not to sign up? Check out our recommendations for the best Netflix originals to get a bird’s eye view of the best movies on Netflix, the best shows on Netflix, and what you get with a Netflix subscription.

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