5 best Netflix shows to watch after Thanksgiving

The holidays are often a time when streamers premiere tons of new offerings for eager viewers who have some free time. However, for the average Netflix user, it can be hard to figure out which shows are worth watching and which aren’t.

The Thanksgiving holiday provides the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. Once the food is eaten, you have plenty of extra time to watch the best shows on Netflix that will get you into the holiday spirit. Here are five shows that are definitely worth watching this Thanksgiving.

dairy girls

Set in Northern Ireland during the height of checkpoints and violence in the 1990s, dairy girls Yet it remains one of the wildest, funniest shows on TV. The series follows a group of teenage girls who come of age during a particularly troubling time in their community’s history.

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dairy girls Became a critical darling thanks to its sharp writing and its surprising central performance, and it manages to be poignant and absurd at times. Few shows on TV seem more carefully calibrated, offering a window into a very specific world and somehow making it universal.


MO One of several creator-driven shows inspired by the creator’s real life. in the matter of MOThe show follows a Palestinian refugee who is still fighting for American citizenship as he deals with the multiple cultures he is attempting to navigate.

Based on the real life of comedian Mo Amer, the series is told from a different perspective, but is full of sharp humor throughout. MO Only got one season so far, but hopefully they’ll be back for more seasons sometime in the future.

heart arrester

heart arrester At its core, it’s simply a love story. The series follows the story of two boys whose budding friendship slowly turns into something more against the backdrop of their lives in high school.

Based on this alone, you can’t think that heart arrester This is all revolutionary, except for the fact that it is still remarkably rare to find a story like this centered on a gay relationship. However, over any ground it may break, heart arrester It is also delicate, thoughtful and sweet in the way it tells its love story.

better call Saul

Perhaps one of the best prequel stories ever told, better call Saul Follows lawyer Saul Goodman breaking bad, as we actually learn how he became a lawyer on that show. The show runs for six seasons, so you might not be able to binge it on Thanksgiving, but once you start, you’ll find yourself engrossed in one of the most fascinating legal shows of all time.

If breaking bad It’s all about slow erosion, better call Saul It’s about the cycles people go through as they try to become better people and often fail.

i think you should leave

If you’ve ever been on the Internet, you’ve probably seen memes. i think you should leave, even if you’ve never seen the actual show. A brilliant, deranged sketch comedy show from the mind of Tim Robinson, i think you should leave He is often not afraid to take passages to their logical conclusion.

Few shows on TV are more bold and brazen, and while not every sketch is successful, they have a habit of becoming cultural phenomena. i think you should leave It’s always surprising and usually great, and it’ll blow you away every time you watch it.

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