NFL Sunday Ticket Black Friday deal drops price even further

NFL Sunday Ticket on TV.
Phil Nickinson/

Now is a perfect time for football fans looking for Black Friday deals on NFL Sunday Ticket. With seven weeks left in the regular season, Google has lowered the price of Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime channels.

For YouTube TV subscribers: NFL Sunday Ticket is $89 for the rest of the season if you want to pay for it in full up front, or $22.25 if you want to go monthly.

And for those who don’t subscribe to YouTube TV or who just prefer to watch things on YouTube, NFL Sunday Ticket will be $139 for the remainder of the season, or $34.75 if you want to pay monthly in four installments.

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NFL Sunday Ticket is a subscription that lets you watch out-of-market games from anywhere (unless it’s blacked out where you live). And because we’re talking about YouTube and YouTube TV here, you can watch on practically any modern device with an Internet connection.

There are also options if you want to include NFL RedZone – this is the channel that flips from one game to the next as teams are probably about to score. It will cost $109 or $27.25 per month on YouTube TV and $159 or $39.75 per month on YouTube Primetime channels.

And don’t forget that you can take advantage of Multiview, which lets you watch multiple games at once. This is a great feature and something that wasn’t available when NFL Sunday Ticket was on DirecTV. And that’s helped YouTube TV add subscribers and keep it the No. 1 live streaming service in the US

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