Nvidia’s next GPU could enter Apple naming purgatory

Rumor has it that Nvidia is gearing up to refresh its slate of RTX 40-series graphics cards. The latest news is a reported box leak, which suggests that Nvidia may be working on an RTX 4070 Ti Super model for launch early next year.

We’ve seen Nvidia’s Super and TI refreshes in the past, but never a TI Super model. The name doesn’t really matter, but it’s reminiscent of some of the more ridiculous naming schemes we’ve seen in other tech brands. For example, Apple’s M2 Ultra is a better chip than the M2 Max, so the Ultra is obviously better than the Max. Who would have thought?

Silly name or not, MEGAsizeGPU has shared an image on Twitter of what they say is the box logo of the RTX 4070 Ti Super. The branding stacking may be the result of Nvidia suddenly rebranding the original RTX 4070 Ti. That card was originally called the RTX 4080 12GB, but after a wave of feedback, Nvidia adjusted the card’s name and price.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about an RTX 4070 Ti Super, though most of the recent rumors have centered around an RTX 4080 Super refresh. Currently, leakers suggest the card will come with a big jump and replace the RTX 4080 at a $1,200 list price, pushing the original model down.

There is also a rumor about the RTX 4070 Super, which is reportedly a slightly chopped-up version of the RTX 4070 Ti with lower power draw. It’s unclear what price this card will launch at, if it will, but it could be around $650 to $700. Nvidia’s RTX 4070 is already priced at around $550 to $600, and it’s one of the few cards of Nvidia’s current generation that is a good value at that price.

If Nvidia is launching new GPUs, we expect them to appear at CES 2024. This is the time frame leaker kopite7kimi suggests the cards will be arriving, who have a fairly consistent track record with Nvidia launches.

Although we don’t have any official news that Nvidia is working on a Super Refresh, it would make sense. Nvidia has already adjusted pricing on some of its GPUs in response to AMD cards like the RX 7800 XT and RX 7900 XT. For example, the RTX 4080 had a starting price of $1,200, but now you can commonly find it for around $1,100. Similarly, the RTX 4070 is thought to cost $600, but you can find the model for $520 if you shop around.

With the prices of some of Nvidia’s flagship GPUs falling, it makes sense to boost the range to get the cards back to their ideal list price – hopefully with a solid performance bump.

Furthermore, Nvidia’s next-generation GPUs are not expected to launch until 2025. This will break Nvidia’s usual two-year cadence for desktop GPU releases. The company hasn’t fully confirmed that the next-generation GPUs are scheduled for 2025, though a brief roadmap in a recent Nvidia presentation suggested we won’t see them until 2024.

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