One of the best sci-fi games ever made is coming to Nintendo…

Annapurna Interactive

During the November 2023 Indie World Showcase, it was revealed that there are several interesting indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch next year. One of the biggest announcements of the show was this outer forest — the critically acclaimed sci-fi game about exploring the solar system during repeatedly repeating time cycles — is finally coming to Nintendo Switch next month.

a nintendo switch port for outer forest It was first teased in 2021 and was intended to be released during the summer of that year, but it did not make that release window. We hadn’t heard much about the port until now, other than a mention during publisher Annapurna Interactive’s own showcase. An Indie World Showcase segment dedicated to the game showed off some of its physics-based spacefaring gameplay on the Switch, and it looked great and ran at a solid frame rate. called Outer Wilds: Archaeologist EditionThis version of the game comes with eye echo DLC and will launch digitally on December 7th. It will get a physical Switch release sometime next year.

Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition – Pre-Order Trailer – Nintendo Switch

outside of outer forestOther notable indie games like Core Keeper, Moonstone Island, Planet of Lana, Heavenly BodyAnd backpack hero A Nintendo Switch port was also confirmed during the show. we learned that too Shantae Advance: Risky RevolutionA Game Boy Advance game that was unreleased in the early 2000s is finally being finished and released on the Nintendo Switch.

Indie World Showcase 11.14.2023 – Nintendo Switch

Some brand new additions were also shown, such as a card-based investigation game from Humble Games and Memorable Games on your tailPoint-and-Click Photography Adventure Game Star Name Eos, even more. Those looking to play something new should also be aware that some of the games shown during this Indie World Showcase were removed after the presentation, such as yell out, backpack hero, enjoy the meal, Passepartout 2: The Lost Artistand a demo for Death Trick: Double Blind

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