Despite its rocky start, I’m still optimistic about Overwatc…

overwatch 2The launch year of didn’t exactly go according to plan.

In the lead up to its launch in October 2022, excitement for the Hero Shooter sequel was sky-high, largely due to the planned Hero Mode. As its release date approached, several choices during development would kill some of that hype. This will also include the departure of overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan is planning a controversial change to five-player teams, and a revised battle pass and microtransaction system. Even more complaints came when new characters were initially locked behind the battle pass and Blizzard abandoned its planned PvE campaign – which was probably the biggest justification for making a sequel.

overwatch 2 It may have disappointed fans by abandoning its original vision, but despite all that, it still has a hold on me. It’s actually a fun shooter that’s much better than its bleak reputation suggests. It’s been continually expanded since launch, with new characters, maps, and modes, which has kept me coming back despite Blizzard’s mistakes. There is still a lot of work to be done to restore player confidence, but it is far from the “dead game” some players are keen to portray.

battle pass is better

I will accept it easily overwatch 2 It’s far from perfection, but the bitterness surrounding it often overshadows the improvements made over its predecessor. It started with the removal of loot boxes. While the Battle Pass is an old and tired way of earning unlockables, unfortunately, it’s still the best format we have with free-to-play titles. Each season’s Battle Pass has historically rewarded players with seven or eight skins that are completely unique for just $20 — and that’s not even including the new heroes that arrive every few seasons, as well as other rewards .

Kiriko the Witch from Overwatch 2 posing with a broom.
Blizzard Entertainment

Any form of microtransactions will definitely create controversy, but I’ll be honest: battle passes are a better option than loot boxes. If you play original regularly overwatch, loot boxes often spawned duplicate rewards that were converted to “credits”. They’ll be used to purchase something you’ve been eyeing for one of your go-to heroes, or you’ll wait and save up for an event-exclusive skin that was highly sought after. Over the past year, I’ve found that I’d rather pay a fixed fee to earn set cosmetics in addition to being able to buy skins, rather than pulling them through loot boxes or hoping to scrape up credits. . that new way overwatch 2 The structures, its rewards make me feel like I don’t have to play every day to get what I want or to finish the Battle Pass before the season ends.

Blizzard has also integrated legacy credits (which were earned from the original overwatch) in the sequel, allows players to purchase specific skins. These were also recently implemented into the Battle Pass, allowing players to earn them.

Blizzard can still do better. overwatch The characters are known for their fantastic skins and having so many of them locked into the Season Battle Pass can make casual players feel like they’re missing out. However, the game’s executive producer, Jared Neuse, Confirmed earlier this year This is something the team is working on. Hopefully, they’ll follow the example that 343 Industries has set with Halo Infinite by allowing people to purchase battle passes and complete them at any time.

PvE factors

i can’t talk about this overwatch 2 Without mentioning the elephant in the room: the unofficial cancellation of Hero Mode. Despite originally planning to launch a full PvE mode with skill trees, Blizzard quietly canceled the idea in favor of shorter story events. This mode was one of Blizzard’s main justifications for why it was making it. overwatch 2 First of all, its cancellation has left the sequel with a tarnished reputation that has been difficult to clean up.

This didn’t help The first PvE event, Invasion, was a mixed bag. The missions themselves were a lot of fun, ending with a bang at the factory in Torborn, Sweden. What was less exciting, however, was the story itself. While we already know a lot about Overwatch’s heroes through YouTube shorts, books, comics, and more, the Invasion arc was the beginning of the game’s story as we know it. For example, the first major moment of the story shows Lucio being recruited into the new Overwatch team – despite the fact that he has been a part of the franchise since the beginning. It feels like Blizzard is starting their story from scratch despite players having known these characters for nearly eight years. The decision isn’t particularly bad, but it makes me feel like it could have wasted a lot of time “officially” introducing characters we’ve known for years.

Lucio and other heroes attack enemies in Overwatch 2 story missions.
Blizzard Entertainment

Even if Blizzard made troubling choices in starting the story fresh, the PvE gameplay is genuinely enjoyable to play and its story does a great job of showing just how big the threat is by the end of the Invasion arc. It’s a small start, but it makes me excited to see what the future holds. It’s a shame that those promising missions are slowly being phased out, which may make it difficult for Blizzard to build momentum.

Whereas overwatch 2Its biggest selling point is that while it has yet to live up to expectations, there is still a lot to praise about from what has been released so far. There are 11 new maps added since launch (not including story missions or arcade-specific maps) and six (up from seven) new heroes. Event challenges have also been added to the season where players can earn special rewards. Blizzard has constantly been tweaking the characters for the better, and each new hero is a worthy addition. Flashpoint, although still relatively new, is a refreshing new game type and a strong replacement for two-point capture.

A massive turret is set up in Gothenburg in a story mission in Overwatch 2.
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard not being able to fulfill its original content plan is hard to swallow, but other than that, every other change or addition has been positive. And there is still work to be done. The Overwatch League is in a strange limbo right now, and the game’s professional competitive future is unknown, which hints that it may not be in the healthiest place. However, as a casual player, I have had a great time following the development team on its path over the past year, and they have continued to introduce new features to keep up overwatch 2 Exciting (its new LE SSERAFIM collaboration is a particular highlight).

If you have checked out overwatch 2 Amidst the bad press, now is a good time to step back and appreciate Shooter for what it is rather than what it is. Despite a difficult year, I am optimistic about the future overwatch 2, And I think the fans, new and old, should be too.

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