Persona 5 Tactica review: stylish strategy spinoff skimps on…

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“Persona 5 Tactica’s strategic elements are its main attraction, but don’t expect it to win your heart over.”


  • satisfactory progress

  • challenging quest

  • powerful map design

  • room for experiment


  • awesome story

  • there is a lack of communication

  • bloated with amenities

  • lack of enemy diversity

personality 5 is to teen Titans As personality 5 tips is to teen Titans Go!

teen TitansThe animated superhero series of the early 2000s expertly balanced light-heartedness with serious story arcs. Subsequent riffs on the series never reached the same heights as the more kid-friendly films. teen Titans Go! Similarly, praise for mega-successful RPGs personality 5 It was highlighted by its entertaining story, memorable characters, and fun, but weighty plot. Like teen Titans Go!More light-hearted strategy spinoffs personality 5 tips It just doesn’t have the same charm that made its predecessor popular.

While it is based on rapid strategy systems, personality 5 tips Suffers from enough shortcomings that it ultimately becomes one of the most skippable chapters of the series. The story of an RPG is not based on relationships between personality 5The cast is decent and the poor pacing makes it hard to enjoy Phantom Thieves Company.

beyond the ghost thieves

personality 5 tips takes place in a timeline where the main personality 5 The cast of Phantom Thieves has already been assembled. The gang discovers a mysterious door that leads them to a fictional dystopia within the Metaverse ruled by an egocentric ruler. There, they join forces with the rebel corps and their leader, Erina, who pursue them to other worlds, where they eventually go. These worlds are called states, alternate realities that embody the Creator’s view of themselves and their place in the world. The Phantom Thieves and Erina spend the story trying to find a way back to their homes and uncover the reason behind these kingdoms’ existence in the first place.

It feels more like a personality-laden strategy game aimed at a younger audience than a true chapter of the series’ story.

device The Phantom doesn’t delve as deeply into the interpersonal relationships between the thieves. This is acceptable, considering it’s a spinoff and not a mainline Persona game. However, other spinoffs have addressed the same conflict by reintroducing familiar cast and material with more attractive solutions. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes reimagines Fire Emblem: Three Houses From an alternative perspective, with hack-and-slash gameplay instead of traditional turn-based strategy. Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! , The Doki Doki Literature Club bundle with the DLC included additional stories about the characters, encouraging fans to purchase it despite already knowing the story. device Instead of building its story around new characters, a similar route could have been taken.

The story makes a half-hearted attempt to connect us with its new cast, especially Toshiro. We see marital, family and other types of problems that are troubling his psyche. But it all seems simple compared to the real-world stakes in the mainline Persona games, and the memories featured in each arc show more consequence than conflict. deviceThe chibi art style further highlights this change in tone with its cute, goofy presentation. it mimics P5Bold, stylized battle animations, but the exaggerated expressions and cartoonish presentation outside of battle diminish any real weight in the story. You can feel bad for a character in one moment, and then completely lose that feeling when their eyes bug out exaggeratedly in the next line.

The Phantom Thieves are watching TV in Leblanc
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on the bright side, device There’s only a mild hint of what happened in the main game, so you can go back into it spoiler free – though I’m not sure what kind of player would choose that. device without playing personality 5, And fans of the latter may be especially disappointed, as the spinoff has watered down much of the style and content that made the RPG so memorable. It feels more like a personality-laden strategy game aimed at a younger audience than a true chapter of the series’ story.

It’s all about that ‘checkmate’

personality 5 tips Not a traditional turn-based RPG like the original series; It is a strategy game like Fire Emblem. Like traditional strategy RPGs, battles unfold on grid-based maps, where each unit can move and attack from a set number of spaces. Each character is like a chess piece with its own unique characteristics, including movement speed, gun types that can kill different numbers of enemies, and elemental similarity. Strong map design and core strategy systems drive the experience.

personality 5 tips is a competently designed strategy game…

I enjoyed learning how to make as many moves as possible in one turn P5The signature “One More” battle system, which appears again device, When an enemy is hit with an attack they are vulnerable to, players get another action. in this matter, device Focuses on exploiting positional weaknesses such as attacking enemies outside safe areas and pushing them off ledges so allies below can launch follow-up attacks. This works especially well device, where positioning replaces turn economy as a major consideration. This way, you can zip through the entire map before the enemy moves.

Missions have victory conditions ranging from getting from point A to point B to eliminating every enemy on the field. They don’t vary much, but sidequests with more creative objectives help fill the void of variety with some real head-scratching challenges. The quests feel like a necessity as there are valuable skill points (used for character upgrades) hidden behind each one, but I appreciate them for the deep strategy they require. Early quests mean timing attacks correctly so party members can complete an objective and dominate the board in one go. They inspire me to build strategies around the specific characters needed for each quest. In this sense, they taught me more about each character and how to play the game more efficiently in general. I had to repeat some of them multiple times to get the rewards, but completing them felt worthwhile.

Although the quests do a good job of showcasing each character’s usefulness, device There are quite a few heroes to juggle. Unused teammates get a boost from being benched, so players should swap them between missions whenever possible. However, there is enough overlap between their abilities that some of them seem unnecessary, and the only reason to swap between them is for small combat bonuses. Each character can also be equipped with an additional personality, so their elemental affinity is not a requirement. It seems like the only reason all the characters are there is because every playable character personality 5 Had to include (sorry, Akechi and Sumire).

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a Persona game without the Velvet Room, a pocket dimension where Personas can be summoned and changed. That space is not just for creating monsters, but also for equipping them with weapons with special abilities – a system that at one point renders the actual weapon shop useless. Design choices like this, especially those introduced later in the game, feel like unnecessary additions that weigh down SRPGs. Such issues create problems of reduced quality of life personality 5 tips The series feels surprisingly less tight-knit than other spinoffs we’ve seen.

If you want to spend some time with Phantom Thieves again, there’s still a lot to enjoy here. personality 5 tips is a competently designed strategy game that tempts players to try out everything it has to offer. It’s just loaded with features that don’t seem necessary, and its story feels like an afterthought. And that’s the last thing you want to hear about personality 5 By-product.

personality 5 tips Reviewed on Nintendo Switch.

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