Persona 5 Tactica: 6 tips and tricks to get started

personality 5 tips is a more forgiving strategy game than fire Emblem, That doesn’t mean you can slack off on this latest strategy personality 5 However, the spinoff. It intentionally sets up a system where you can get the most out of every turn with mechanics like One More and Triple Threat, which can increase your damage far more than your character can handle.

The fine details of these mechanics may not be immediately apparent. And balancing all the skills and personalities at first can also be overwhelming. To help, we offer these tips, including focusing on the best skills and spending money wisely, so you can better understand the gameplay and optimize your device Play through.

Take another turn from harassing enemies

persona 5 tactica legionnaire out in the open
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personality 5 tips Teaches you early on about positional weaknesses and encourages you to take advantage. You can get “one more” turn by killing enemies standing out in the open, similar to the extra turn you get from personality 5 By attacking some elemental weakness. Once the enemy is out in the open or no longer stuck to the wall, you can approach one of your allies to give them a second chance. A “Get ’em!!” The signal should appear above the enemy’s head if your attack will trigger another one.

Enemies are usually smart enough to hug walls by default, so you’ll have to blast them open with melee attacks and spells like Garu. Later, you can also trip them with the Vortex or Hypno skills to bring them out into the open. It may seem wasteful if you need to sacrifice one character’s turn to set up another character’s turn. However, a triple threat (all-out attack) is the goal.

The triple threat triangle is worth paying attention to (most of the time).

I used to keep trying to get Triple Threat, an all-out attack that deals massive damage to all enemies within it, that would pop up after a particular character earned One More. You can usually activate Triple Threat with three characters standing in a triangle formation on the map. The triangle catches fire and the character who activated the One More gets the signal to turn it loose. However, sometimes it doesn’t work for reasons I don’t understand.

If you don’t catch an enemy within the triangle, you can use that extra turn on something else.

stay close to walls whenever possible

Morgan in Persona 5 Tactica between two Legionnaires
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Tutorials already cover positional advantage. Still, I found that I forgot to place characters closer to the walls midway through the game. It’s easy to dismiss how important it is to cover yourself in the early stages when the combat isn’t as difficult, but this starts to increase later on when more of the map will surround you with enemies who will harass you with extra turns. Can.

Standing against a single wall or ledge should help. Even small boxes that don’t look like they should be able to stop any bullets will at least reduce damage. To confirm how protected you are, there should be a black-and-white shield icon with a red (guaranteed block on one side) or yellow (guaranteed “resistance”) border. Clinging to a wall increases damage taken without protection, while also providing an additional advantage to enemies who can take advantage of it. speaking of which …

Equip individuals with healing and passives that you can’t get from skill trees

You can rely on teammates for elemental damage, but healing and passive enhancements are a different story. Of course, some companions’ skills, like Mona and Erina, involve healing. However, Personas make it so that anyone can heal teammates in a pinch. Bonus points if they have a passive method like giving teammates more XP or money upon defeating enemies.

Passives also include offensive types like Finishing Blow, which increases the damage taken to downed enemies, and defensive types like Iron Body, which reduces the damage taken by enemies after two attacks to reduce them to a unit. To be prevented from attacking. There’s even one that grants SP for each enemy you defeat. Play with these features specifically to complement your skill tree.

Avoid buying all guns from the store

Weapon Shop in Persona 5 Tactics
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In the beginning, the only way to get new weapons is from the weapon shop. Each unit already has two weapons available after becoming a playable character. One of these weapons upgrades your damage without upgrading your range and the other upgrades your range without upgrading your damage. It may be tempting to purchase both weapons so that your character has a more versatile arsenal allowing you to mix and match loadouts for different maps. However, you only have to buy one of these guns. You may need to buy another one before the third chapter of the game, but after that, there is no need for the shop.

Later you gain the ability to combine Personas into stronger weapons that can have situational effects, something shop weapons cannot do. These may cost as much as the weapons in the shop, but offer much more for the same price. It costs very little if you already have a Persona available for crafting. The weapon shop will eventually become worthless, so save that money for individuals!

You can reset your skill tree, so go ahead

You can reset your skill tree whenever you want, as many times as you want. If you ever regret the abilities you chose to focus on or want to give a unit a particular skill before tackling the map, you can simply reset your skill tree and use any You can select skills that you have enough Growth Points (GP) to purchase. You don’t get more GP by doing this, but it returns all the points you used to unlock skills in the past and lets you start fresh.

personality 5 tips Available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

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